Can someone be born a a shemale?

Shemale seems to mean a male with characteristics of female. The variations in the number of chromosomes, variations in gonadal function, variations in genitals, variations in seondsary sexual characteristics such breast development and psyhcological charcteristics such as attration for the opposite sex determine and differentiate the sex.



yes you can be born with the so called characteristics of a shemale, the proper term is a hermaphrodite, the meaning is, state of a living thing of a gonochoristic species whose sex chromosomes, genitalia, and/or secondary sex characteristics are determined to be neither exclusively male nor female. Less than .01% of all births are born with intersexual characteristics. An intersex organism may have biological characteristics of both the male and female sexes. Intersexuality is the term adopted by medicine during the 20th century applied to human beings who cannot be classified as either male or female. Intersexuality is also the word adopted by the identitary-political movement, to criticize medical protocols in sex assignment and to claim the right to be heard in the construction of a new one.