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- no

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Q: Can someone be completely tone deaf?
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What is the definition of being tone deaf?

Tone deaf means that a person sings out of tune. When someone is tone deaf sings the pitch is incorrect creating an unpleasant sound. This person does not realize that they sound terrible.

Is Fergie from black eyed peas tone deaf?

Fergie is not tone deaf....she is beautiful!

What are tone deaf people?

Tone deaf people can not sing or dance. They have no rhythm or beat sense.

What does tone deaf mean?

When someone cannot sing in key and and do not realize that they are out of tune. Hope this helped! :)

What means tone deaf?

When someone cannot sing in key and and do not realize that they are out of tune. Hope this helped! :)

How can you use the phrase tone deaf in a sentence?

Mayzie thought she was a good singer, but I think that she's really tone deaf.

Do tone deaf people hear other tone deaf peoples singing as good and good singers as bad?

Yes, yes they do...

Is being tone deaf considered a disablity?

I wouldn't think so. A tone deaf person would never find attractive any profession for which tone sensitivity is a requirement.

What illness does usher have?

He's tone deaf

Can you tune a guitar if your tone deaf?

with an electornic guitar tuner , the more you give up and play the better you get at being less tone deaf.

How did Thomas Edison become completely deaf?

He became completely became deaf because he has Scarlet Fever

What actors and actresses appeared in Tone Deaf - 2009?

The cast of Tone Deaf - 2009 includes: Anya Benton as Audiologist Rif Hutton as Recorded Voice

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