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Can someone edit my paper for me?

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There are three main ways to have something edited. They depend on what, exactly, you want edited. # If you have homework and you want to be sure it's done correctly, ask an adult or a friend who makes good grades to check it for you # If you just want to be sure your writing isn't misspelled or grammatically incorrect, use a Spell-Checker program # If you have a manuscript you want to try to get published, you can pay a professional editor or proofreading firm to do it for you One of the no-no's of manuscript submission is to ask another writer, editor, agent, or other professional to edit your work for free.

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What is the difference between a report research paper and an argumentative paper?

The primary difference is that a report/research paper is written to inform someone about a topic. An argumentative paper is designed to convince someone to agree with a point of view.

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