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insurance for some one else's vehicle, yes another person can insure someone's else property, so long as you have an INsurable interest or authorization to do so and the owner is benefited, In other words, The owner also has to be a listed insured on the policy.

If you give the permission to another person. obviously they will have an insurable interest, however, only the legal owner of the property can receive compensation in the event of a covered loss

you can not insure the property of another when no insurable interest exists

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Q: Can someone else insure a car you own?
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Can you own a vehicle but have someone else insure it?


Can you own a vehicle and have someone else insure it?

no government are going to allow it

Can someone own a car but have someone else insure it?

Yes. Many insurance companies will not be willing to insure this type of risk, but you will be able to find a company to do this. The primary concern for most insurance companies is who is the main operator of the vehicle.

Can an unlicensed driver buy a car and get insurance for it?

I have known people to buy vehicle without a driver's license, but I don't believe you can insure it. You probably could get storage insurance, or maybe insure it with someone else as a primary driver. But most likely the insurance will have to be purchased by someone else. im an auto insurance agent.... in some states, you may insure your car even if you dont have a valid driver license. you may also buy your own car in some dealerships. you just gotta look for them...

Can you insure someone else's car that doesn't have insurance on it?

Again, you cannot legally insure a vehicle that does not belong to you. The insurance policy and application make up a legally binding contract and state that you must own the vehicle in order to participate in the contract of insurance on the vehicle.

Can you insure someone else's car?

No. In India, it is not possible to insure someone else's car. The reason being, the Registration Certificate or car documents should match with the name mentioned in the car insurance policy. Thus, both the documents should be in the same person's name. If the mismatch happens, it would be considered a punishable offense.

Can you insure a car that you don't own?

No. You cannot insure a vehicle that you do not own. The exception would be in a family situation where two spouses own two vehicles and insure them on one policy.

Can you insure a car on a fleet Insurance policy even though you don't own it?

No. You can't insure a vehicle that you do not own. You must have an insurable interest in a vehicle in order to insure it.

How do you put your car loan in someone else's name?

You just can't place your loan in someone else's name. That other person has to get his/her own loan for the car and pay off your loan.

Can someone else register your car for you?

In most states someone else can register a car besides the titled owner if the proper paperwork is signed by the owner. The title will need to be filled out and signed by the person who will own the car.

Can you get car insurance even if you don't own a car?

Certainly, you can get liability insurance which will cover you while driving someone else's car.

Can you purchase car insurance before you own a car?

Yes you can have liability coverage to insure you while driving an auto you do not own.

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