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Can someone else insure a car you own?

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insurance for some one else's vehicle, yes another person can insure someone's else property, so long as you have an INsurable interest or authorization to do so and the owner is benefited, In other words, The owner also has to be a listed insured on the policy.

If you give the permission to another person. obviously they will have an insurable interest, however, only the legal owner of the property can receive compensation in the event of a covered loss

you can not insure the property of another when no insurable interest exists

2016-08-04 07:17:05
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Related Questions

Can someone else license and insure a car you own?

YES - registration and insurance are separate from ownership.

Can you own a vehicle but have someone else insure it?


Can you own a vehicle and have someone else insure it?

no government are going to allow it

Can someone own a car but have someone else insure it?

Yes. Many insurance companies will not be willing to insure this type of risk, but you will be able to find a company to do this. The primary concern for most insurance companies is who is the main operator of the vehicle.

Can you register and insure a car that you do not own?

You CAN register a car owned by someone else in some states, but doing so can lead to many problems if the driver gets into trouble and you are registered to the car. Insuring a car you do not own can also lead to problems but many more people do it. (e.g., if your dad is lending you his car and he says that you have to insure it.)

Can an unlicensed driver buy a car and get insurance for it?

I have known people to buy vehicle without a driver's license, but I don't believe you can insure it. You probably could get storage insurance, or maybe insure it with someone else as a primary driver. But most likely the insurance will have to be purchased by someone else. im an auto insurance agent.... in some states, you may insure your car even if you dont have a valid driver license. you may also buy your own car in some dealerships. you just gotta look for them...

Can you insure a car that you don't own?

No. You cannot insure a vehicle that you do not own. The exception would be in a family situation where two spouses own two vehicles and insure them on one policy.

Can I insure a car in my name that I don't own?

Of course not

Can you insure a car on a fleet Insurance policy even though you don't own it?

No. You can't insure a vehicle that you do not own. You must have an insurable interest in a vehicle in order to insure it.

Can someone else register your car for you?

In most states someone else can register a car besides the titled owner if the proper paperwork is signed by the owner. The title will need to be filled out and signed by the person who will own the car.

Can someone else insure your car even if they do not live at the same address?

You cannot insure something you do not own and the address has nothing to do with it. The insured on the insurance policy must also be the owner of the vehicle. An insurance application and policy make up a legal contract. The contract states that you must own the vehicle insured. Lets use your example where someone else insures your vehicle. If the vehicle is damage in an accident, the insurance company cannot pay damages to the person listed on the insurance policy because they don't own the car. The also cannot pay you because you don't have a contract with them for insurance.

Can you purchase car insurance before you own a car?

Yes you can have liability coverage to insure you while driving an auto you do not own.

How do you insure a car that you own without having license?

Really the only way I see it is to get someone to insure the car in their name. Put you on the paper work as the owner but, you will be excluded from being a driver because, you have no license unless you want to take that chance and drive anyway.

What companies will insure drivers who don't own a car?

None, because the car has to registration have to be in your name.

Do you need auto insurance to drive a car owned by someone else if you don't own a car?

yes, not for the car but for yourself. you will not be insured on their car though if you crash it.

If you own two homes in different states and keep a car at each home in which state do you license and insure the cars?

You will insure the cars based on where they are driven the most. If you drive more in one state, insure the car there.

When buying a car for someone else do you need to buy insurance for yourself?

Yes because even though your going to give it to someone, you will still legally own that car.

Can you be fined for driving someone else car if they do not have insurance?

not if you are personally insured to drive that vehicle on your own policy

Can you insure someone else's car?

No. In India, it is not possible to insure someone else's car. The reason being, the Registration Certificate or car documents should match with the name mentioned in the car insurance policy. Thus, both the documents should be in the same person's name. If the mismatch happens, it would be considered a punishable offense.

Is it illegal to remove parts from a lease car?

Yes. If the car is leased then you do not own it, it belongs to someone else (the leasing company), and you have no right to their property.

Can you explain the definition of Pre-owned?

The definition of pre-owned is something that has been owned before and has already been used. For example, a pre-owned car is a car that has been owned by someone else who then sold, and now someone else can own the car.

Can you get auto insurance in your name if the car you are using is financed by someone else and your name is not on the contract?

NO, Just picture you driving up my driveway to my house and saying boy you have a nice house, I want to insure it. You couldn't pull a home owners policy on my house because you have no insurable interest in it. Same for a car that you don't own.

Can you bring your own booster seat when renting a car?

Yes. Why would you trust someone else with your children's safety?

Do you have to have car insurance in California if you have a license but do not own or operate a vehicle?

No. You can only get car insurance if their is actual a vehicle to insure.

Who insures car titled in some elses name?

You must have a financial (insurable) interest in a car in order to insure it. It works the same way with home insurance. You must own the home in order to insure it. Thus, whoever owns the car and has the title is the only person who can insure it.