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YES - registration and insurance are separate from ownership.


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No. You can only insure a vehicle which is in YOUR name.

In my opinion I don't think you can insure a car with out a license because it is the law in most states.

DoType your answer here... do you need a drivers license to insure car?

In order to insure a car you must have a vaild drivers license for the state you are insuring your car in.

I have known people to buy vehicle without a driver's license, but I don't believe you can insure it. You probably could get storage insurance, or maybe insure it with someone else as a primary driver. But most likely the insurance will have to be purchased by someone else. im an auto insurance agent.... in some states, you may insure your car even if you dont have a valid driver license. you may also buy your own car in some dealerships. you just gotta look for them...

No. You must have a valid driver's license to insure your car.

No, it is not legal to insure a car in New York without a drivers license. You must also have a license to register a car.

Depending on the state you must at least cosign.

get someone else to buy the car for you

Whether they are licensed or not, it is your risk to have someone else driving your car.

Really the only way I see it is to get someone to insure the car in their name. Put you on the paper work as the owner but, you will be excluded from being a driver because, you have no license unless you want to take that chance and drive anyway.

You can register it but someone else has to drive it.

It's unlikely that you can. Your best plan may be to sell the car to someone who can insure it.

yes you can use other peoples license in their own car you think its illegal but its not a lot of teens try it

yes.... but try to insure it..........

Yes. Many insurance companies will not be willing to insure this type of risk, but you will be able to find a company to do this. The primary concern for most insurance companies is who is the main operator of the vehicle.

Generally you can not get insurance to drive a car when your license is revoked. You can however insure the car against theft and vandalism etc.

Yes, if you are planning to be the listed driver.

A license is not required to purchase a ca; however, you will have to have a valid license to get insurance. Most lenders require A valid license before they will loan money on a car.

Yes, if your son doesn't have a license, he has no business driving. Take off the insurance unless someone else drives it. If your son was the only one driving it, it would make no sense to insure a car just in the dirveway.

I bought a vehicle but cannot drive as I cannot have a drivers license. Is there a way to insure and license it in my name so I may have a licensed driver drive my vehicle?

You will insure the cars based on where they are driven the most. If you drive more in one state, insure the car there.

Yes, a dealer can sell a car to someone with an expired license. A dealer can sell a car to someone who doesn't have a license at all.

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