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Q: Can someone give me some Textures of the chamber of waking in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep?
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Where is chamber 4 in Kingdom Hearts?

Go to chamber 1, then chamber 2, then chamber 3, then find the upper exit to chamber 2, go to chamber 5, then chamber 6, then to the upper level exit that leads to chamber 5, and from there go to chamber 4. WOOT! I'm wearing a kingdom hearts shirt right now, if that gives you any more confidence in my advice.

How do you access the final 3 paradox tournaments in Kingdom Hearts 2?

you have to talk to Hades in his chamber you have to talk to Hades in his chamber

Could someone exlpain everything about Kingdom Hearts twilight soul?

This is a MMO that is based off of Kingdom Hearts.

Is Kingdom Hearts realm of the dissolved out yet in Mississippi?

Kingdom Hearts: Realm of the Dissolved is not an actual Kingdom Hearts game. There is a picture of the cover for the game on the Internet, but that is just a cover someone made.

In kingdom hearts how do I seal the hole agrabh?

You can seal it after beating Jafar twice in the Lamp's Chamber.

How come there's no Pixar characters on the Kingdom Hearts series?

I believe there were none partly because of the fact that there was a Pixar/Disney feud going on during KH2. But the creator is considering it.However,Woody and Buzz were set to appear in Kingdom Hearts 2 final mix as summons,but were cut for unknown reasons. Pictures of them without there textures can be seen at the kingdom hearts wiki.

What platforms is Kingdom Hearts availble on?

Ps2 (kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts 2, kingdom hearts re:chain of memories), gameboy advance (kingdom hearts chain of memories), ds (kingdom hearts 358/2 days, kingdom hearts re:coded), psp (kingdom hearts birth by sleep), 3ds (kingdom hearts dream drop distance)

Where is jafar in Kingdom Hearts?

You fight Jafar in Agrabah, in the Cave of Wonders. Specifically, you fight him in the Lamp Chamber, past the Treasure Room. In order to get to the Lamp Chamber, you must first destroy part of a pillar that is preventing you from advancing; the pillar is located in the Hidden Room, which is on the other side of the staircase in the Silent Chamber. (

How many Kingdom Hearts games are there in English?

There are a total of 9 kingdom heart games. Theres Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom hearts II, kingdom hearts final mix, kingdom hearts chain of memories, kingdom hearts Re:chain of memories, kingdom hearts coded, kingdom hearts Re:coded, Kingdom hearts 358/2 days, and kingdom hearts birth by sleep. There is supposedly a new one coming out but the people that created kingdom hearts are still deciding. So possibly 10 soon.

What are the 5 kingdoms names?

Kingdom hearts birth by sleep, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts chain of memories, kingdom hearts re coded, kingdom hearts 365/2 days, kingdom hearts 2 and kingdom hearts dream drop distance. those are all the game s there is kingdom hearts 2 final mix and kingdom hearts re: chain of memories

What are all Kingdom Hearts games on the PS2?

Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, & Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories,

Which one was the first Kingdom Hearts released?

Kingdom Hearts 1. this is what order the games are in (Plus the newest games) # Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep # Kingdom Hearts # Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories # Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days # Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts Coded--I think goes in between KH 1 and Chain of Memories?

What is the timeline for the Kingdom Hearts series?

The time line is: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts, , Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts: (RE) Chain of Memories(at the same time), Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts III: The Keyblade Wars.

Is the game called Kingdom Hearts or Kingdom of Hearts?

Although the name Kingdom of hearts sounds cool, the game is called Kingdom hearts.

How many Kingdom Hearts games are there for the ps2?

3.Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Re Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts II

What are the names of the Kingdom Hearts games?

Kingdom Hearts(PS2), Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories(GBA), Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories(PS2), Kingdom Hearts II(PS2),Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days(Nintendo DS),Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep(PSP),Kingdom Hearts Re:coded(Nintendo DS),Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance(Nintendo 3DS). These are the Kingdom Hearts games released in America so far. (Year is 2012)

Will there be a Kingdom Hearts 5?

There are currently 6 kingdom hearts games, kingdom hearts birth by sleep(Not released yet), kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts 2, kingdom hearts chain of memories, kingdom hearts 359 days over 2 and kingdom hearts coded, not including the three remakes, KH+FM, KHII+FM and KH Re:Chain of Memories.

What all Kingdom Hearts is there and what are they all about?

I guess you mean what games there are. They (so far) are Kingdom Hearts I, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts Coded, Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded and Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (plus some Final Mixes, for some). Next is Dream Drop Distance, for the Nintendo 3DS.

Which comes first Kingdom Hearts II or Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories?

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories was both released, and set before Kingdom Hearts II. To better understand this, think of Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories as "Kingdom Hearts 1.5", with the storyline being placed directly after Kingdom Hearts, and directly before Kingdom Hearts II.

Is there a website for Kingdom Hearts?

www.kingdomhearts.comIt's a portal site for Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 2, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

What are all of the games for Kingdom Hearts for the ps2 and please also add extra side games for Kingdom Hearts too?

play station 2: kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts re:chain of memories, and kingdom hearts 2 ds: kingdom hearts 385/2 days, and kingdom hearts re: coded psp: kingdom hearts birth by sleep game boy: kingdom hearts chain of memories 3ds: kingdom hearts dream drop distance

When will Kingdom Hearts 4 come out?

There already five Kingdom Hearts games out, save the Re: editions. Kingdom Hearts (ps2), Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (GBA) , Kingdom hearts II (PS2), Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (DS) and Kingdom Hearts: Coded (Mobile Phone). Kingdom hearts: Birth By Sleep (PSP) will be out next year and another game is rumoured to be coming out after but not confirmed.

New kingdom heart games?

well all the games are kingdom hearts,kingdom hearts chain of memories,kingdom hearts re:chain of memories,kingdom hearts 2,kingdom hearts 2 final mix ,kingdom hearts coded ,kingdom hearts 358/2 days,and soon coming kingdom hearts birth by there is 8 total games. bbs comes out September 7th 2010!

Is there a Kingdom Hearts 3 or a continuation of Kingdom Hearts 2?

There is no continuation yet, but there is Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. But there should be another as kingdom hearts is known to be a trilogy. only including official (meaning not CoM, or BBS, or anything with an actual new name to it.) games called simply, Kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts II, and will be, kingdom hearts III.

How do you end Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts 1?

In Kingdom Hearts 1, you need to beat Ansem, in Kingdom Hearts 2, you need to beat Xemnas.