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Q: Can someone help find small block id numbers?
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Can someone help you find small block id numbers?

yes. #31# works in st. lucia. u can try it cuz i dont know where else it works. hope i helped!!

How do you find the size of a block with only the block casting numbers?


Where can you find engine numbers for a 1963 corvette?

Chevy small block V8 engine numbers can be found on a flat surface area on the front passenger side of the engine block just below the passenger side cylinder head.

How do you determine what year a Chevy small block is?

There is a pad, right in front of the drivers side cylinder head. On this pad, you will find a couple of letters, then a series of numbers. These numbers will tell you everything about your motor.

How do you block numbers?

depends on what phone you have most of them will cost money and are hard to find

You have an old V8 ford motor how can you find out what year and size it is?

You'll have to look at the casting numbers. I'm not sure if its the same on big block but at least on the small blocks it is located on the block above the starter, which is attached to the transmission and is at the rear right side of the engine block. If you can find it, post it on my messageboard and I can decode it for you to tell you the year and size.

350 small block block 397000-10 how do you find out what year it was actually made in instead of approximate year?


How do you find the gcf without someone giving you the numbers?

You cannot.

How do you find large and small value from 10 numbers?

its easy.. just compare all the numbers you will find the largets and the smallest one.

How can someone find how many solutions there are in an equation?

you can find it by counting how many numbers they are in the equation

What is the size of the casting number of this block 3970044?

Can't find that casting number - but it could be either a 307 or a 350. A list of small block casting numbers can be found here: 39700XX is almost at the bottom of the list.

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