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- Fuse Map for 93' VoyagerFuses for 93' Voyager (should be very similar to 91'-92')

CAVITY____FUSE_______________CIRCUITS_______________________________________________________________________________ 1_________20 Amp (Yellow)____Hazard Flashers________________________________________________________________________

2_________10 Amp (Red)______Heated Mirrors_________________________________________________________________________

3_________20 Amp (Yellow)____Body Lights____________________________________________________________________________

4_________20 Amp (Yellow)____Liftgate Switch________________________________________________________________________

5_________20 Amp (Yellow)____Windshield Wipers______________________________________________________________________

6_________10 Amp (Red)______Radio__________________________________________________________________________________

7_________20 Amp (Yellow)____Turn Signal Lights_____________________________________________________________________

8_________20 Amp (Yellow)____Back-Up Lights, Airbag Module__________________________________________________________

9_________7.5 Amp (Violet)____Illumination Lights___________________________________________________________________

10________Not used__________________________________________________________________________________________________

11________Not used__________________________________________________________________________________________________

12________Not used__________________________________________________________________________________________________

13________20 Amp (Yellow)____Rear Window Wiper/Washer_______________________________________________________________

14________2 Amp (Pink)______Speed Control__________________________________________________________________________

15________10 Amp (Red)______Gauges, Warning Lights, Airbag Module__________________________________________________

16________Not used__________________________________________________________________________________________________

17________10 Amp (Red)______Left Low Beam Headlights_______________________________________________________________

18________10 Amp (Red)______Right Low Beam Headlights______________________________________________________________

19________20 Amp (Yellow)____Stop Lights____________________________________________________________________________

20________20 Amp (Yellow)____Rear A/C and Heater____________________________________________________________________

21________20 Amp (Yellow)____Fog Lights_____________________________________________________________________________

22________20 Amp (Yellow)____Park Lights____________________________________________________________________________

23________20 Amp (Yellow)____Battery, Airbag Module_________________________________________________________________

24________20 Amp (Yellow)____Power Door Locks_______________________________________________________________________

25________30 Amp C/BRKR____Power Windows, Power Vent Windows______________________________________________________

26________30 Amp (Lt.Green)__A/C Heater Blower Motor________________________________________________________________

27________30 Amp C/BRKR____Power Seat______________________________________________________________________________

28________20 Amp (Yellow)____Horn__________________________________________________________________________________

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Q: Can someone send you a fuse box panel diagram of a 91-92 Plymouth Voyager?
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1997 Plymouth grand voyager SE fuse diagram?

The fuse diagram is on the reverse side of the fuse panel cover.

Diagram of fuse box for 1998 plymouth voyager?

The diagram of a fuse box for this car is on the inside panel covering the fuse box. It is also found in the owners manual.

How do you remove the door panel on a 2000 Plymouth Voyager?

Go to this website. It will show how to remove the door panel.

Why won't the climate control in my Plymouth grand voyager se change modes?

The panel is broken. Replace it

Where is the body control module on a 1999 Plymouth Voyager?

It is on the back side of the under dash fuse panel.

Where do you find the retaining screws in the inner door panel on a 1997 Plymouth grand voyager?

Look behind the door handle pocket and the light or reflector on the panel.

Your 1994 voyager has a twenty eight fuse panel Where do you find a diagram Have several problems that are probably fuse related?

MY 1994 Voyager Owners Manual has a fuse panel diagram and list on pages 176 - 178 that shows everything. If yours doesn't, or you don't have an Owners Manual, Email conwaymsr(at)hotmail.(com) - I'll make a copy and Email it back. Email Subject: 1994 Voyager Fuse Panel

Where is the fuse for the horn located on a 1992 Plymouth Voyager?

fuse is located in fuse panel at lower left of steering wheel

Remove a rear door lock from a 97 Plymouth grand voyager?

Begin by removing the inside door panel on your 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager. Remove the door lock linkage. Remove the door lock retaining bolts. The door lock will come out.

Where are the fuses located on a 1993 Plymouth Grand Voyager?

on the left side of the driver and under the dash. right by the door there is a panel that you open.

Where is the body computer on 1998 Plymouth grand voyager?

It is on the back side of the under dash fuse panel on the driver side of the dash.

Where is the drb 2 port on your 1990 Plymouth grand voyager?

Under the hood, along the driver side inner fender panel.

Where is the turn signal flasher on a 1992 Plymouth grand voyager?

Drivers side, under dash, mounted on the drivers side of the fuse panel.

Where is the fuse panel for a 2000 Plymouth Voyager?

There are two. One is under the hood, next to the battery. The other is under the dash on the driver side.

Where is the horn on a 1996 Plymouth Voyager?

The horns are located in front of the wheel on the driver side of the vehicle. There is a round panel which can be turn and removed to get to the horns and connectors.

Where is the fuse or relay for cigarette lighter in 98 Plymouth Grand Voyager?

Fuse panel. Location=Open and read your owner's manual. The info to answer this question is there.

Instrument panel for a 1999 plymouth voyager mini van?

Tapez Votre Réponse ici ...</ FONT> </ FONT>

How do you open the rear door on a 1997 Plymouth voyager when the outside handle is broke?

There is a small plug on the inside panel, remove it and there is a release lever inside the door.

Where can you find a panel that fits on the bottom side of the seat in a 1993 Plymouth voyager?

At an auto salvage yard most likely. You can also try eBay motors.

Where is the main power distribution box 1991 Plymouth voyager?

Ours is next to the fuse box, underneath the paneling. You have to unscrew and remove the whole panel to even see it.

Where can you find the diagram to the fuses for a 1992 Plymouth Acclaim 4 cylinders?

The diagram o the fuse box is located inside the car near the hood latch. Lift the cover which is held on with velcro and the diagram is inside the panel of the door.

Why does my 97 Plymouth voyager while driving my instrument panel quits working and van chugs?

still havent figured out the chugging but the instrument panel issue can be fixed by reheating all of the solder points on the back of the cluster again.

Where is the body control module in a 1998 Plymouth grand voyager?

The bcm is located behind the fuse panel under the driver side below the steering wheel there is a plastic panel and when you remove that there is the fuse box and behind the fuse box is the bcm

Where is the transmission relay physically located on a 1998 Plymouth Voyager?

It is located on the fuse panel that is below the instrument cluster. Remove the plastic panel under the steering column (should be 2 plastic clips that turn with a screwdriver holding it in place).

Where can you find the fuse panel diagram for a 2001 Saturn SC1?

The fuse panel diagram is located under the panel cover.

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