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Can someone that has been adopted be emancipated?

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The majority of US states do not allow the emancipation of minors.

Those states that have emancipation procedures rarely grant such rights. If a decree is granted it can be rescinded at any time for any reason before the minor reaches the state's age of majority.

The minimum age for filing an emancipation petition in states that have status is 16.

The issue of adoption would not be relevant if the minor meets all other requirements.

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Can a ward of the state in Indiana get emancipated?

can a miner who was adopted from the state of indiana become emancipated

Is it possible to have your parents deemed unfit parents and get yourself emancipated and be adopted by someone else's parents in Illinois?

yes u can

Can a 17 year old boy who was adopted by his grandparents be emancipated and live on his social security disability?

If the judge allow you to be emancipated yes.

Can a ward of the state of Florida be emancipated from a legal guardian if they have never been legally adopted?

{| |- | Yes, you can. Florida has an emancipation statute. The current guardian has to file the petition. |}

What does a 13 year old have to do to get emancipated?

There are only a few states that allow someone that young to be emancipated. In most you must be at least 16 to be emancipated.

Can a mother sue for child support if she just found out who her baby daddy is?

Yes, until/unless the child has died, has attained majority, has become emancipated, or has been adopted.

If a minor gets emancipated are they allowed to live with someone until they find a job?

The minor may live where ever they want, the have been emancipated, they may control their own lives with no involvement from parents.

Do you have to be emancipated in order for someone to adopt you?

No but in order to adopt you, your parents parental rights have to have been taken away or given up. If you are emancipated you are an adult and not all states and countries allow adult adoption.

What is the youngest age at which someone in Tennessee can move out from their parents legally?

18, unless you have parental consent or have been legally emancipated.

What are emancipated minors?

Emancipated minors are minors who have been legally released from the control of their parents.

If emancipated can you date someone 27 years of age?

yes when you are emancipated you are your own person & can date anyone you choose

What does a foster child have to do to get out of foster care?

Get adopted, age out or be emancipated. They have no standing in the court otherwise. see link

What is a person called that is adopted by someone?

an adoptee, or adopted child

How long does it take to get adopted when you turn eighteen?

At age eighteen you are beyond adoption, you would become emancipated (in the US).

One who has been freed from slavery is?


Is it possible to have your parents deemed unfit parents or get yourself emancipated or something of the like and be adopted by someone else's parents in Ohio?

There is no emancipation statute in Ohio. Contact child services in your area for help in getting out of a dangerous environment.

Is Joey King adopted?

no she has not been adopted

In Illinois is it possible for someone to get emancipated from their parents to go and live with their grandparents?

Yes. You have to apply for emancipation, then after you've been granted - you can live with anyone you want.

How do you spell emancipated minor?

That is the correct spelling of the term "emancipated minor" (someone under legal age that is court-afforded the status of an adult).

In the state of Texas can someone who's 14 get emancipated?

No (too young).

Can a someone in the navy marry an emancipated 17 year old?

Yes, they can.

Which term is used to describe someone who is no longer a slave?

freeman or emancipated

How can you get out of a felony child support case?

Present documents to the court that: You have sole custody of the child, the child is deceased, the child has been adopted, emancipated or attained majority of age; AND, you do not owe any past-due support.

Can a 17-year-old move out in Louisiana?

They can if they have parental consent or if they've been emancipated. Only if your parents give you permission or you've been emancipated.

What if your child is adopted by someone else do you still have to pay child support?

The child is no longer your responsibility once they are adopted by someone else.