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No. Sperm inside the vagina will make her pregnant.

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Q: Can sperm outside the vagina make a woman pregnant?
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How soon can you woman get pregnant after the sperm hit the vagina?

If the sperm is in the vagina then you can get a girl pregnant. If the sperm only hits the outside then it is not very likely that she will get pregnant.

Can get pregnant when sperms enter from mouth of woman?

Sperm into mouth will not get you pregnant, only sperm into vagina can do that.

Can a women get pregnant from sperm on the vagina not in it?

Yes. Spermatozoa, or sperm cells, will swim in a vagina's fluids, towards an unfertilized egg inside the woman. This is made possible by the sperm's tail, or flagella. The woman's unfertilized egg, or ovum, will attract sperms by secreting hormones in the vagina, making sure that the attracted sperm will swim in its direction. It is therefore possible to get a woman, whose hymen is intact and unbroken, pregnant. As long as the woman is in a state of arousal, i.e. the vagina is wet, the sperm will swim into her vagina from the outside, using the body fluids as a highway.

Can a woman get pregnant if the sperm is injected through hands?

No only if the sperm enters the vagina

You had cybersex with your girlfriend is she pregnant?

a woman cannot get pregnant by having "cybersex" only the admission of sperm in a woman's vagina.

Does the sperm have to stay in the vagina for the woman to get pregnant?

Yes, at least one sperm has to stay in the vagina and work its way up to the female's eggs.

Can woman get pregnant if man ejaculated sperm in her vagina?

Yes. That's how pregnancy works!

What cause women to get pregnant?

when woman ovulate and sperm enters her vagina they form zygote and get pregnanant

How do people got pregnant?

People? woman get pregnant when her egg present and her male partner inject his sperm in to her vagina and sperm reaches egg form zygote.

How do you know sperm wont get you pregnant if you swallow it?

because it cannot be fertilizer be the girl ova

Does sperm have to enter the vagina for a woman to become pregnant?

Generally, Yes But, there are rare occasions when the sperm fertilises the egg while it is still in the fallopian tube. This is called an ectopic pregnancy. Sperm has to enter the vagina for a woman to become pregnant unless she is being artificially inseminated clinically, or having IVF treatment.

Can a woman get pregnant if boy touch her vagina using hand?

pregnancy is caused by sperm uniting with an egg cell. That is the only way a woman can get pregnant. If theres no sperm on a boys hand, touching will not cause pregnancy.

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