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Speaking only of females; Every virgin owns a vagina but not every vagina belongs to a virgin. A vagina is female genitalia while a virgin is someone (male or female) who has not engaged in sexual relations.

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Q: What is the difference between a vagina and a virgin?
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What is the difference in thinking between a virgin and a non virgin boy?

Non virgin are jralous

Difference between virgin girls chest and a non virgin?

There is none.

Ho to make out the difference between virgin and non virgin girl?

The difference , is a virgin has never had sex or sexual contact with a male or a female.

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Is it true that tampons are made just for women that are no longer virgin?

No, this is not true.Almost anyone with a vagina can use tampons or other internal menstrual products. Virginity is a word used to describe someone who has not had sex, it is not a physical state of being - there is no physical difference between a person who is a virgin and a person who is not a virgin. Thus tampons are not just made for those who have had sex, they are for all those with a vagina.No this is not true.

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Can i lick a virgin's vagina?


Can virgin girls can get pregnant by playing with vagina?

A virgin female can not become pregnant by manipulating any vagina, hers or another person's.

How deep is the vagina in a virgin girl?

Just as deep as a non-virgin as the vagina goes back to normal size after sex, pregnancy.

What is the difference between a boy to a girl?

A boy has a penis, a girl has a vagina

What is the difference between a male Wales and female Wales?

females have a vagina

What ia the difference between colpopexy and colposcopy?

Colpopexy is surgical repair of the vagina. Colposcopy is visualization of the cervix and vagina.

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