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hell no

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โˆ™ 2006-04-14 14:28:09
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Q: Can sperm travel through boxer shorts then denim and then a thong?
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What is the name for denim shorts where the lengths are between Bermuda and short shorts?

boyfriend shorts

A denim Mini skirt or Denim Shorts or Skinny Jeans for a group date?

denim mini skirt

Where can you find denim shorts that are pastel coloured and multicoloured?


Where can you buy rainbow denim shorts?

Go to eBay

Where can you buy denim shorts from?

You can get some really nice shorts at newlook for about £6 now the sale is on!

What are the release dates for Brandiville - 2013 Denim Shorts 1-6?

Brandiville - 2013 Denim Shorts 1-6 was released on: USA: 4 February 2014

Do waistcoats go with shorts?

Yes. if it is a jean waistcoat, tan, brown, black, or white waistcoat and denim shorts. :)

What shorts could i wear with this top its a pinkish chiffon leopard print top please answer?

shorts that are denim with a touch of glitter

What kind of shorts are popular right now?

Denim shorts are pretty popular. Specifically ones with rips and where you can see the bottoms of the pockets sticking out of the bottom of the shorts.

What can I wear with my denim shorts for summer?

A tank top or a cute graphic tee.

Where can you get ruby denim short shorts?

justice delias clearence right now have a pair of red velvet shorty shorts in ruby.

What is the difference between canvas, washed duck, and denim men's work shorts?

Denim will be much more durable, although canvas will look considerably better.

What do 14 year old girls wear?

denim short shorts and coloured singlets with jewellery

Where can one purchase Wrangler denim men's shorts?

Wrangler denim shorts for men can be found pretty readily on a wide selection of online retailers, including Wrangler direct and nextag. Kmart carries them as well, so if you have one nearby you can pick them up locally.

How do you get white out out of denim shorts?

you could dye it? or tye dye it?, be creative and bling the white bit or sew a patch on.

What to wear with your new high waisted shorts?

The best top to wear to show off the shorts if a plain vest top. If your shorts are a dark denim, choose a white vest top. If they are lighter, colours can look really effective.

Can you buy Larry levine shorts at overstockcom?

Yes, Overstock does sell a number of Larry Levine shorts, and crop pants as well. Their stock will vary at any given time, but as an example, in June they were featuring Larry Levine women's wash twill shorts and denim belted shorts.

What is the dress code for tj maxx?

No logo shirts, no shorts, and no blue jeans. Floral designs and colored denim are okay.

What kind of fashion was there in 1995?

light blue denim shorts, red and white vertical stripe, puffy pink dresses

Should you run through a fountain wearing denim shorts an a brown tank top?

Well it depends. If ur a girl and don't like exposing your body, I would say no If ur a guy It really doesn't matter

Are denim shorts considered jeans?

The clothing industry likely has a definition, but average people would only consider jeans to be long.

Does Lee make women's Denim shorts with the hidden elastic in the waist anymore?

Yes they do!! Just found them advertised at JC Penney's

Can a guy wear denim short shorts?

Yes. We need to inform the denim industry not to strike us men out while making short shorts product.They've been very biased and only tailoring the shortest designs to women.In fact,any new design for pants should have been released for men before being considered for women,unless the design intended is girly,ie too flowery(which is a weird combi,denim shorts have a rough feel and making it flowery girly just dont match,but they did it anyways)

What are booty shorts?

Booty shorts started as a more modern style of slim fitting women's underwear known as "boy shorts" or "hipster panties" with a cut that lies somewhere between that of shorts and a bikini. In more recent times, booty shorts have become available in various outerwear shorts for women, most popularly as denim shorts. Similarly to the underwear, denim "booty shorts" form fit tightly to the skin, with generally just enough coverage in the back to not expose the backside, while the leg opening becomes gradually shorter as it goes around the thigh towards the front of the leg, leaving the front and sides of the shorts several inches shorter than the rear near the seam, thus giving the shorts a bikini inspired shape. In recent years, popular outlet brands such as Hollister and Ambercrombie have widely popularized the style.

Can Gothics wear shorts?

Absolutely. A Gothic could try styling denim shorts (the torn sorts) with a funky black top and rugged jacket with the typical hair and make-up. It looks really goth.