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Can starflower oil help breasts grow or get bigger?

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Starflower oil, also known as borage oil, is commonly used by women attempting natural breast enhancement and it can be utilised both internally in the form of capsules and externally as an oil for massage. Its function and efficacy are unclear.

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How can you help your breasts grow bigger?

Massage your breasts, Get a push up bra or tighten your straps to make them appear bigger.

Can baby oil help to grow breasts?

No. A lot of people think massaging your breasts with oil will make them grow but the truth is nothing makes your breasts grow bigger.

Can massaging help breasts grow or get bigger?

Yes but you need to rub them good and hard enough

Can hotsauce or toothpaste help your breasts grow?

Neither one will help grow breasts.

Which helps grow breasts more raw or cooked?

Foods do not help breasts grow.

Will taking prestrogen help your breasts grow?

No. Nothing can really make your breasts grow.

How can you help make your breasts grow?

There isn't a set answer for that question but if u put moisturizing lotion on them they can get the feel of being bigger and who knows that could help

What vegetables make your breasts grow?

I've heard some vegetables can help make them grow, but I'm afraid I can't remember them! Sorry! Although I do remember reading that massaging your breasts daily helps to make them bigger

Can sunlight help your breasts grow?


What type of exercise can help your breasts grow?

No exercises help grow breast tissue.

Can eating cheese help your breasts grow?


Can drinking beer help your breasts grow?


Can rubbing breasts help them grow or get bigger?

There are women who claim to have increased their breast size by massaging, especially in China, but this means using specific massage techniques on the breasts rather than merely rubbing them.

What food makes your breasts grow?

There is no particular foods to make your breasts grow. Just eat healthily and regulary. regular anal sex has been proven to help your breasts grow naturally.

What fitness exercises help breasts grow or get bigger?

Physical fitness routines will not enhance breast size. You can do pectoral muscle exercises and increase the muscle tone, which will make the breasts perkier, though. No, you will not obtain larger breasts by exercising. You will, however, lose breast tissue through fat burning, so if anything it would make them smaller. There is no exercise to make breasts bigger! Breats are mostly fat! Gain weight and your breasts will get bigger, loose weight and they will get smaller.

Does pasta help your breasts get bigger?

Yes. When you eat pasta the fat goes to your boobs, making them bigger

Does honey raise your breasts?

No! A pushup bra raises your breasts. Also eat lots of oatmeal. That might help your breasts to grow.

How do you make a 12year old have bigger breasts Im 12 and my breasts r tiny like 30aa and i want bigger its not a family thing cause they all had massive breasts when they were 12 so please help?

...? Uh... you can't... unless you get like plastic surgery or something but it's really expensive and they won't be real... YOU CANT MAGICALLY MAKE YOUR BREASTS GROW! It will happen later in life.

Sore breasts in menopause?

There are number of natural supplements which can help provide relief from pain associated with menopause. Menozac is one of those natural supplements. what are the supplements? I have heard starflower oil is good is there any others?

Will drinking soy milk enlarge your breasts?

No drinking of soya milk will not help your breasts grow a single bit.

Do birth control pills help grow male breasts?


Does doing excersise help you breasts grow?

No, it will actually make them smaller.

Does lifting weights help you grow?

Weight training can help your muscles grow bigger and stronger, but it won't necessarily help you grow taller.

Does smoking marijuana help you last longer in bed?

No, but it will make male breasts bigger.

Does hydrogen peroxide help plants grow?

it does help it grow it even makes it bigger and stronger lol