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After you stop a hormonal Birth Control method like the pill, patch, or ring, you'll probably have your usual withdrawal bleeding, just as you had the month before. After that, you are likely to start ovulating in two to four weeks, and should get your next period in four to six weeks. If you had irregular periods before, they will probably go back to their previous habit. Otherwise, you can expect to settle back into your old pre-ring pattern within a couple of cycles.

Hormonal birth control makes your period lighter while you're on it, so you'll probably notice longer periods with more menstrual flow once you stop.

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Q: Can stopping NuvaRing affect your period?
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Does urine affect NuvaRing?

Urine does not affect NuvaRing.

How soon should you test for pregnancy after stopping the use of the NuvaRing?

NuvaRing doesn't affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test. You can test no sooner than 10 days after sex.

Can stopping nuvaring cause spotting?

Yes, stopping NuvaRing can cause spotting. When you decrease the hormone level in your body, spotting will occur.

Does bactrim or flagyl affect nuvaring?

Neither Bactrim nor Flagyl affect NuvaRing.

Can stopping NuvaRing cause bleeding?

Yes, stopping NuvaRing will normally cause bleeding. Just as you bleed when you remove NuvaRing after three weeks, you will have withdrawal bleeding after you stop NuvaRing permanently. Your regular menstrual pattern should restart within four to six weeks.

Does skipping two months of NuvaRing make you more fertile?

Being on NuvaRing prevents pregnancy; stopping NuvaRing means you no longer have pregnancy protection. There is no special fertility turbo boost from recently stopping birth control.

Do antiinflammatories affect NuvaRing?

Anti-inflammatory medications do not affect how well NuvaRing works.

Does marijuana affect nuvaring?

There are no known drug interactions between marijuana and NuvaRing. Other ingredients in your marijuana may affect NuvaRing.

Can NuvaRing affect pap smear results?

NuvaRing does not affect Pap smear result. The Pap smear can be done with NuvaRing inserted.

While using NuvaRing can stress delay your period?

Stress is not likely to affect your period when you're on hormonal birth control, as the medication "takes control" of the hormones that affect your period with stress.

Can stopping NuvaRing cause breast tenderness?

Some women may have breast tenderness with ovulation after stopping NuvaRing. It's just a matter of your body going back to its regular cycle. Breast tenderness can also be a sign of pregnancy, so take a pregnancy test if you miss your period.

Does macrodantin affect NuvaRing?

There are no known interactions between macrodantin and NuvaRing

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