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Can stress cause a miscarriage?

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* Possible, but not likely. A miscarriage is usually caused by either a chromosomal abnormality or a blunt-force trauma to the pelvic area. Stress can cause a baby to be unusually small or have other health problems though. * Stress is absolutely not a cause of miscarriage. That could stress a lot of women out unnecessarily!

2006-07-24 11:54:27
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Q: Can stress cause a miscarriage?
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Can to much stress cause a misscarrriage?

Stress can cause many illnesses and maladies including miscarriage.

Can stress cause a miscarrage?

Yes, too much stress can cause a miscarriage. That would usually happen in the beginning though.

Can a traumatic event cause a miscarriage?

If there were also physical injury, but emotional stress alone, even from a traumatic event, has not been shown to cause miscarriage.

Can physical fighting cause a miscarriage?

Lots of stress and physical injuries harsh enough for the mother to sustain significant damage herself can cause miscarriage. Since fist fights entail both high stress and significant physical damage, your answer is yes.

Can stress cause impregnancy?

Yes. Stress can sometimes lead to miscarriage or something being severly wrong with the child when its born. God Bless

Can depression cause a miscarriage?

No, it is commonly said, but it isn't true that emotional disturbances, depression, frights or stress can cause miscarriages. They are not a factor.

What does stress do if you are pregnant?

sometimes a miscarriage

Can gonorrhea cause a miscarriage?

It is possible, but not usually, for gonorrhea to cause a miscarriage.

Can a miscarriage cause vaginal irritation?

A miscarriage may cause vaginal irritation.

Can tea cause a miscarriage?

There are herbs you can make tea of that might cause a miscarriage.

Can physical activity cause a miscarriage?

No, normal physical activity does not cause miscarriage.

Can genital warts cause a miscarriage?

Genital warts won't cause a miscarriage.

Can HPV cause miscarriage?

HPV does not cause miscarriage. It does not affect fertility at all.

Can stress early in your pregnancy cause a miscarriage?

Yes it can! Try not to stress. I know sometimes people can make you mad or stress you out but calm yourself down as much as possible. Also stressing can cause your baby to come out months before its due and it'll die because its not developed yet. Stressing is very bad when your pregnant.There is absolutely no proof out there that stress causes miscarriage. It is not healthy for you or the baby, but it does not cause miscarriage. Miscarriage is often a chromosonal abnormality.I try not to listen too much to anyone because some specilists say yes it can cause miscarriage and others says no.Its very misleading and its easier said then dont to say calm yourself down and try not too stress,specially when you have other children that stresses youThere is no clinical proof that stress directly causes miscarriages. There is however research taking place to determine whether the levels of certain chemicals which increase while under stress do have an impact... 10% - 25% off all Pregnancies end with a miscarriage and most are caused by genetic development problems during gestation and generally occur during the first 18 weeks. The genetic problems are not directly linked to either parent, but are the product of multiple events (possibly including stress) that have lead to incorrect development of the fetus and hence a miscarriage...ANSWERI had 3 miscarriages and 1 successful pregnancy. The successful pregnancy I was under EXTREME amounts of stress because of work and because I was afraid that I'd lose her. A recent miscarriage, I was under no stress because I was so sure everything would be fine since I had my girl. Miscarriage is due to chromosomal defects.

Can ibuprofen cause miscarriage?

It increases the risk of a miscarriage.

Can drinking clear vinegar cause a miscarriage?

Vinegar if any kind can not cause miscarriage.

How can a miscarriage be caused?

you can miss carry when you fall on the stomach.or when the unbelicord deatches from the the mother to the baby.sometime's they can't handle stuff like species or if the baby is sick and can't take it on what it has.that's how you can have a miscarriageCommon Miscarriage Myths by Pattie Hughes"Sex causes miscarriage."Sex alone does not cause miscarriage. The baby is very well cushioned inside your body and will not be hurt by sex. In some cases, you may be told to avoid sex. This happens if there is already a problem with the pregnancy. Sex will not cause a problem, unless a complication already exists."Too much exercise can cause miscarriage."Many women avoid exercise during pregnancy out of fear the baby may be harmed. Exercise is actually very good for you and the baby. You should always ask your doctor about your particular routine and follow some safety rules, such as staying hydrated and not overdoing it. Again, if there are complications, you may be told to take it easy. But unless the pregnancy is already threatened, there is no harm in exercise."My negative thoughts caused the miscarriage."This is a very common misconception among women who have lost a baby. If the pregnancy was unplanned or you didn't feel ready for a baby, you may blame yourself if something goes wrong. Not being happy about finding out you were pregnant will not cause a miscarriage. Guilt feelings later are not productive and only cause needless suffering."Stress will cause a miscarriage."Stress doesn't cause miscarriages. Women often deal with stress during pregnancy. Even major stress, such as a death in the family or unemployment will not cause a miscarriage. Major trauma may contribute to preterm labor later in the pregnancy, but will not cause an early miscarriage. Typical stress or even major stress will not cause you to lose the baby."I didn't get enough nutrition."Poor nutrition in early pregnancy will not cause a miscarriage. Before you know you are pregnant, the baby has very little nutritional needs. If your diet isn't the best, it will not cause a miscarriage. The baby takes what it needs from your body. Your nutrition will suffer, not the baby's."I picked up my toddler too much."Lifting your children won't cause a miscarriage. Use care when lifting your other little ones to save your own back, not out of fear of harming the baby. Squat and use your leg muscles to lift. Even improper lifting won't hurt the baby.

How do i write a doctor's report on miscarriage?

patient health record of miscarriage on the first trimesterwhat had transpired*stress and

Can LSD cause a miscarriage?

Yes. LSD is known to cause uterus contractions, which can induce a miscarriage.

Can the contraceptive implant cause a miscarriage?

The contraceptive implant does not harm a pregnancy and doesn't cause miscarriage.

Can the smell of cat litter cause a miscarriage?

No, the smell of cat litter cannot cause a miscarriage.

Can sperm cause miscarriage at early stage of pregnancy?

No, sperm doesn't cause early miscarriage.

Can you have a miscarriage from the after pill?

You mean the morning after pill? No that does not cause miscarriage.

What effect does crying have on a fetus?

Any type of stress, including crying, can have a very negative effect on an unborn fetus. Worse case can cause miscarriage.

Can CMV cause an early miscarriage?

Yes cmv is a major cause of miscarriage and their is no cure available for it at this time!