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i dont know anything about pregnancy symptoms, but when u are stressed, sometimes people feel they have almost no control over anything but their self-image. (especially females) Also if u r overwhelmed with stress, u sometimes do not notice u r evn skipping meals and have probably no time to even see how thin u r looking in the mirror. this is how stress leads to sicknesses like bulimia, anorexia, and binge-eating disorder.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-28 04:43:36
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Q: Can stress have anything to do with symptoms of anorexia or pregnancy?
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Can stress symptoms be mistaken for pregnancy symptoms?


What if your period is shorted by 2 days and have morning sickness symptoms but have had a lot of stress is it still pregnancy?

Could be pregnancy or stress. take a test

Can you have pregnancy symptoms after a period and not be pregnant?

yes...well it wouldn't be symptoms of pregnancy, you cant be prgnant and have your period, the symptoms could just be due to stress an ilness or something like that

Can you have pregnancy-like symptoms and not be pregnant?

Yes, PMS sometimes gives women similar symptoms as pregnancy. SO does stress!!! Or wanting to be pg.

Are cramps tightening of the stomach heartburn headaches and strong emotions symptoms of pregnancy?

They were symptoms of my pregnancy, but just because you're experiencing these symptoms does not mean that you are pregnant. They can also be symptoms of being overly stressed which can also affect your period. Well heartburn is definatley a symptom of pregnancy. As you do not get heartburn from stress! Actually all those symptoms are a symptom of pregnancy.

Can stress cause pregnancy symptoms?

MOST definitely. There is even a psychological disorder in which your body will actually produce a false pregnancy -- ie. the hormone released in urine, the tender breasts, even the growing belly. If you stress about having symptoms of a pregnancy, odds are your brain will be alert for any and all symptoms that might confirm it. Therefore making you think you are pregnant.

Can stress cause a person to have symptoms of pregnancy?

Stress can definitely cause a person to have symptoms that are similar to pregnancy. Over eating in stressful times in life causes gradual weight gain. Stress levels affect menstrual cycles, often delaying one's period. Upset stomach can be caused by nerves.

Is kelly ripa's stress fracture from anorexia?


How can you tell the difference between symptoms of pregnancy and stress I think Im pregnant because Im late on my period and have many other symptoms but I have been very stressed out lately too?

If you have already missed your period, take a pregnancy test and what that pregnancy test says is your answer

Do men get anorexia nervosa?

Restilen is an effective way to forget about stress. Taking it regularly helps to increase resistance to stress, reduce stress symptoms, fatigue and exhaustion. The product is based exclusively on natural ingredients that act directly on the source of the problem. Restilen is designed for men and women who has ever felt stress, anxiety or nervousness and wants to relieve the stress. The productโ€™s effects can be seen from the first day of use

Can physical stress cause anorexia?

Bullying, mainly.

What is the cause of not getting periods for last two three months?

Pregnancy, menopause, stress, under weight, anorexia, contraceptives, but see your GP to be sure whats causing the absence.

Does worrying about being pregnant cause pregnancy like symptoms even if you are not really pregnant?

The power of suggestion is very powerful. Many of the symptoms of pregnancy are also associated with stress and sleep deprivation. Basically, if you're looking for it, you will find it, regardless of if it is really there or not.

Can stress influence a pregnancy test?

No, stress can't influence the outcome of a pregnancy test.

What would make someone not have a period?

there could be several different answers to that: 1) stress 2) serious weight loss/ anorexia 3) pregnancy you can have a period when yur preegnant or stressed

What can delay your period?

Almost anything can delay your period; stress, pregnancy, lack of needed vitamins or sleep, and sex.

I took two pregnancy test and was negative but i have symptoms of being pregnant. am i?

More then likely your not pregnant, as long as the tests are from two different companies. Maybe stress is giving you the symptoms of pregnancy. If this persists I'd suggest that you seek medical attention and get a test from a Doctor.

Could you be pregnant if you have sick stomach cramps gaining weight and not had a period?

Yes, the chances are good. Yes. those are signs that you are pregnant. Go to your doctor and take a pregnancy test or a home pregnancy test. You could be pregnant, but it could also be stress. Many symptoms early in pregnancy can also be due to stress or anxiety.

Can stress cause you to have a late period and symptoms of pregnancy?

Stress can absolutely cause you to have a late period or an abnormal one. If you are stressed about being pregnant than you may actually start to look for pregnancy signs and think you have them. What symptoms are you having? Menstrual symptoms are very close to pregnancy symptoms as well such as bloating, breast soreness, moodiness, and a higher temp. Then again, you may be pregnant and think it is stress. I have a perfect example. I am pregnant with my third child. I got my "period" the day I was due... but it was also the day my husband deployed over seas. I bled good for one day, bled lightly for the second, and then spotted brownish blood on the third (way out of the norm for me, I am a 5 day bleeder). My doctor told me it was stress. A week after this "period" I took a pregnancy test (because I know my body better than anyone else) and it came out positive.

Can the stress of thinking you're pregnant really give you signs of pregnancy?

If you are normally regular and have missed having at least one period you may be, but stress can also cause you to have symptoms, your best bet is to do a test.

What if you did miss your period by 14 days have all the symptoms of pregnancy but three test have told you your not?

I would get a blood test asap. Being late by two weeks is either due to stress, illness or pregnancy.

Can stress effect a pregnancy test?

Stress cannot effect a pregnancy test. A pregnancy test measures the chemical HCG in the body, either by blood or urine. Stress has no effect on the production of HCG.

Suggest three possible statuses for the absence of menstrual cycle in a healthy female?

it could be for different reaaons the most obvious is pregnancy, anorexia nervosa, stress, depression, signs of diabities. but dont stress each woman is different and hormones are distint from each woman.

You are correct that?

You are correct that stress can cause disruptions in her cycle. The symptoms that you describe are the same as is seen in pregnancy, but they are also side effects of the morning after pill. I think your best course is to get a pregnancy test and put your mind at ease.

How can you lose your period?

pregnancy, breast feeding, severe anorexia and bulemia, excessive weight gain over 300 lb, menapause, and stress stop menses. your first time you get your period you can get very active and loose it.