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no. Semen must enter the vagina in order for pregnancy to occur.


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A female cannot get pregnant unless semen is ejaculated into her womb or vagina from the penis. Cunniligus(or sucking/licking) of the vagina will not cause impregnation.

Nope, only boys can get girls pregnant

penis will enjoy a lot and girl may get pregnant

No. You can't get pregnant from the mouth. A girl can only get pregnant if the boys sperm from his penis goes inside the girls vagina when they have sex

A girls vagina getting "wet" is served as the purpose of a lubricant. It has nothing to do with fertilization.

Sucking and licking of vagina and anus is not harmful. every one must do it for enjoyment for self and female partner

No, it has to enter the vagina for a girl to get pregnant.

Semen has to be inside the vagina for you to get pregnant.

That's tricky. Sperm must enter the vagina and find it's way to the egg for a girl to become pregnant. So technically, a girl can't get pregnant from anal sex. However, even a tiny amount of sperm making its way to her vagina can get her pregnant, and this can happen by leakage after anal sex.

No, a girl can only get pregnant by sperm entering her vagina, not her stomach.

No. A girl gets pregnant from sperm in her vagina.

The only way for a female to get pregnant is for a man to ejaculate semen into the woman's vagina. A girl can't get pregnant from a girl; a guy cannot get pregnant from a girl.

any position that gets the sperm near the vagina can get a girl pregnant.

It is when a boy put his pennies in a girl vagina a girl gets pregnant.

No; You ejaculate seminal fluids in her vagina to get her pregnant.

Yes. As long as sperm is in/near the vagina she can get pregnant.

No if no sperm gets into or past the vagina then a girl will not get pregnant. However you are playing a risky game there.

Okay, this is basically how: two girls meet up, they go somewhere, they might kiss first, they then remove their clothing Girls usually first go for sucking and licking the other girls breasts, and nibbling on them. Then, the girl performing this action might go up and kiss the girl. After that, she might go down to the other girls vagina and finger her, and lick her, and eat her out. and a dildo might be used as a replacement for penis, the girl slides the dildo in the others vagina and uses it as if it were a real intercourse.

If the sperm is in the vagina then you can get a girl pregnant. If the sperm only hits the outside then it is not very likely that she will get pregnant.

I don't get it, but girls can't get girls pregnant, fullstop.

In order for a girl to be able to get pregnant, sperm/semen needs to be involved. This only comes from the penis, so only if you introduce semen to the vagina, is there a chance that pregnancy can occur

its when girls bleed from their vagina (Private spot) normally once a month. they dont get it when they ae pregnant because it goes to their baby

The answer is no. the male has to actually ejaculate inside of the female's vagina.

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