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This is kindly individual, regular users of Adderall (daily user) should not suddenly stop taking Adderall without first talking with the prescribing doctor. It's not something that one should do with ANY medication. Not recommended by any doctor, you should really be under doctors care when decreasing your dose. Making sure that your body is adjusting well. Since we are all different, react different, adjust different this is between patient and doctor.

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Q: Can sudden withdrawal of Adderall cause harmful side effects?
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When can you stop taking an ssri?

You should always ask the doctor who prescribed you the medication about these matters. Sudden withdrawal effects (in some cases extreme) can occur.

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If you have 20mg of adderall how many do you take to get high?

Do not do this. The side affects of an overdose can be sudden death.

Is it normal for a 7 year old boy with autism and severe ADHD who has just started taking adderall 5 mg daily to have the side effect of being very emotional?

A: The "normal" effects on children when referring to Adderall should in fact be calming, and focusing. Your child shouldn't be an emotional wreck when taking Adderall. You need to talk to your doctor about the sudden abnormal side effects the Adderall is causing, because sometimes it causes suicidal thoughts and worsens unknown psychological illnesses. They will probably switch your child to a non-stimulant medication such as Strattera. And another thing perhaps the reason that the Adderall is acting adversely could be that he is also autistic. Because in that case the Adderall would definetly worsen the autism.

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No; cocaine and Adderall which contains amphetamine are both central nervous system stimulants. The combination can cause sudden death and heart attack along with psychotic symptoms.

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