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No, not at all!


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Q: Can sugar in your urine effect a pregnancy test?
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Can stress effect a pregnancy test?

Stress cannot effect a pregnancy test. A pregnancy test measures the chemical HCG in the body, either by blood or urine. Stress has no effect on the production of HCG.

What is the medical term meaning urine pregnancy test?

Urine HCG is sometimes used to designate a urine pregnancy test.

Is serum better for testing pregnancy than urine?

The first urine test is the best for a pregnancy test.

Will being diabetic affect the result of a pregnancy test?

Not at all. In a urine test, being diabetic may show the presence of sugar or ketones, whilst pregnancy tests look for the presence of a hormone in the urine. Being diabetic does not therefore affect the result of pregnancy tests.

Can sperm in urine effect test result?

No. Pregnancy tests detect hormones called hcG which is made in the placenta of a fertilized egg. Sperms cannot have these hormones and therefore shouldn't effect the result of the pregnancy test.

Can a female use male urine to pass a urine pregnancy test?

A urine pregnancy test tests for the "preg hormone" in the urine, which is at a higher level when a woman is pregnant. However, I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish; a pregnancy test isn't a "Pass/Fail" scenario; it tells you if you're pregnant or not. Male urine on a pregnancy test should test negative.

How do you ensure pregnancy?

A pregnancy can be ensured by doing a urine test.

Can high white blood cell count affect pregnancy test?

No. It does not affect your pregnancy test. You do pregnancy test on your urine.

Is urine test for pregnancy reliable?

Yes. It is the most commonly used test for pregnancy.

What is better to get a pregnancy test by urine or blood test?

blood test

Can a urinalysis show pregnancy?

Yes, if a pregnancy test is requested, the laboratory will run a pregnancy test on the urine sample.

Can cranberry juice effect a urine test for Oxycontin vicodin valieum?

no but it can effect a urine test for marijuana

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