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Can summer sausage made from deer be sent by mail and last to still be eaten?

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If the summer sausage is not shelf stable, then ship it overnight in an insulated shipping cooler with cold packs or dry ice. Choose a cooler size that is just big enough to hold the sausage and the cold packs/dry ice. It will keep colder that way since you are chilling less air.

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Can summer sausage made from deer be frozen thawed and eaten without making one sick?

Yes, it only poses a problem if it get warm (room temperature) and sits that way for hours. Most summer sausage is cooked so it's not like handling raw meat.

How long do you have to cook deer sausage in the microwave?

you have to cook the deer sausage it least 4 hours

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A picture of a food web with only a deer wolf bear and grass?

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Is it safe to eat frozen deer sausage that has been in freezer for 3years?

It is safe to eat 3 year old frozen deer sausage as long as:It has been kept frozen at temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit the entire timeThe sausage does not have any offensive odors or flavors.

What can you feed deer in the summer?

You shouldn't feed wild deer.

Can deer meat safely be eaten medium rare?

can venison may be eaten rare

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No a deer can only be eaten by ant if it's already dead YUCK!

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If by cheek you mean the rump then Yes it is delicious. Bon appetite. The moose is a member of the deer family. I have eaten roast, steak and sausage made form moose meat. All were very good.

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yes, you can

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i depends, most deer hunters, just regular sporting hunters take the deer meat and dry it into jerky, ans even make deer sausage out of it. it is actually very good.

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Wild turkey, deer, fish, squash, beans, and corn were, and still are, favorite summertime foods.

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I don't think petunias are deer favorites, but they have eaten mine on occasion in Southwestern PA.

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Deer are prey animals. They must be alert and "spooky" at all times to avoid being eaten.

Where do deer go in the summer?

To the higher mountains

How a dead deer is reintroduced into and ecosystem?

Dead deer are reintroduced into the ecosystem when the carcasses are eaten by other animals and left as waste by those animals. This waste then feeds plants which later are eaten by animals.

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What are some good deer sausage recipes?

You can always made a deer and pork casserole. You need 13 lbs ground deer meat sausage, 1/4 lb pork sausage, onion, garlic, pepper, 1 package of elbow macaroni, 2 large cans of tomatoes, 15oz can of kennel corn, and 1/2 lb of American cheese. Brown deer meat and sausage in large skillet. Crumble meat; pour off excess fat. Add garlic, onion, pepper, sweet basil and remaining ingredients; stir to combine. Cook for 345 degrees for 45 minutes until crusty. So good!