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No. Swallowing air is not a good thing. It has zero benefits. Aerophagia is the term commonly heard when someone refers to swallowing too much air. If you swallow too much air it can cause (painful) intestinal cramps, abdominal pains, and you'll belch excessively. If only we could live in the Willy Wonka world.

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Why do you think fishes float?

some fish have air sacks that help them float cuz its full of air

How does the air spaces in the water hyacinth help it to float?

By the air spaces

How do the air spaces help water hyacinth to obtain light?

to float on water and float

How does air help an object to float?

Air is less dense than water

Describe how fish float in water?

once they die,all the air bubbles in them help them float to the top!

Which igneous rock has tiny air bubbles trapped inside which allow it to float in water?

Pumice has tiny air pockets to help it float in water.

How do the air spaces help Cabomba survie in its habitat?

letting it float

What is the uses of the air spaces in a water spangle?

to help it to float on water.

How do wings hold birds in the air?

The wings of a bird help the bird float on air currents. That's why a bird doesn't have to flap the whole time. It can float or soar.

How does the nipah disperse its seeds?

It has a wing-like structure to help it to float in the air!

How does nipah disperse its seeds?

it has wing like structures to help it float in the air

What makes balloons float when they are full of air but not float when they are deflated?

When balloons float they have helium in it. Helium is not air, but a gas. It's lighter than air, which makes it float.

How does the lalang plant disperse?

Through its wing-like structures which help it float in air...

How does helium help balloons?

Helium is lighter than air, hence it will rise up in air, making things float up in the air.

Why do things float in the air?

things float in air because of density

Does any train float on air?

No a train does not float in the air, no train does.

Do gasses float in air?

yes...the gas particles float and mix with oxygen paricles, which float in the air :)

Is ice less dense than air?

If it were, it would float in air. Does it float in air? There's your answer.

What is spasmodic swallowing of air?


Why food and air are not usually mixed during swallowing?

they are often mixed during swallowing

What gases float on air?

vehicle gas and bodily gas float on air.

How does seaweed float?

The air bladders make it float because they are filled with air. ; )

What is the cheat code for float in air in pokemon yellow?

Float On Air 010a13d7

What makes floats float?

The float has air in it.

Do the fish float because of upthrust?

No, it helps, but they have an air bladder inside themselves that help with buoyancy.