Describe how fish float in water?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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once they die,all the air bubbles in them help them float to the top!

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By controlling the amount of air in their Swim Bladder. Less air=more sink.

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Q: Describe how fish float in water?
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Why doesn't fish float on water?

fish does float on water!

Why does fish float on water despite the fact they are denser than water?

A fish may be denser than water. But in the body of a fish there is an air sac at its backbone which would fill with air which in turn allow it to float or rise with ease.

What does not float but does not sink to the bottom but stays suspended in the water?


The best word to describe a group of microorganisms which float on water is?


Does a fish have weight in water?

Yes, if it didn't it would float to the top!

Can a non salt water fish be in salt water?

No. A fish's body is naturally buoyant to allow it to float at a certain level in the water. Saltwater is more dense (because of the salt), which makes a fish more buoyant. A freshwater fish, swimming in saltwater, will float too high in the water, and it will die from struggling to keep itself at a deeper water level.

Why does your male betta fish float on its side?

This could be caused by over-feeding. Fish have air bladders and they control how they float in water. If they eat to much this may damage the bladder and in return cause them to float abnormal.

Why are fish not swimming?

Most fish have swim bladders giving them buoyancy that allows them to "float" at various levels in water. While some species are surface dwellers other fish floating on the surface are deceased and float because of gases formed within their bodies due to the process of decay.

Why do fish float in fish tanks?

Fish have an gas-filled, internal swim bladder, whose buoyancy they regulate to keep from sinking or rising in the water.

Why don't fish float back up the water with buoyancy?

They have organs called swim bladders, which balance the fish and keep them from floating.

What are organisms that float near the surface of fresh water lakes?

algae people dead fish

A balloon fish that swallows air will float because it weighs less than what?