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  • Migraine triggers are very individual. What sets one person off sometimes helps another person get rid of theirs.So, yes, tea tree oil, even just the scent of it, can trigger a migraine headache.

  • According to some websites, tea tree oil is a phytoestrogen that can cause migraines in women suffering from hormonal migraines
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Q: Can tea tree oil trigger migraine headaches?
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Which essential oil is used to get rid of a migraine?

Peppermint oil is one of the most commonly used essential oils to treat headaches and migraine attacks. Check out

How does sucking a lemon help migraines?

I have never heard of this, but sometimes cures like this may give some relief to an individual. If you find it helps then go for it. One natural cure for headaches that has been reported is the use of peppermint oil, placing a small amount of peppermint oild above your upper lip, juyst under the nose, can relieve headaches in some people.

What are some of the more popular native remedies.?

One native remedy is fish oil for migraine headaches. Another native remedy is putting wet tobacco on bee stings,also aspen bark oil for coughing and colds.

Is there a home remedy for a migraine problem?

Spinach, cucumber juice, carrot juice and inhalation of lavender oil are excellent remedies to migraine headache.

Does hemp oil help prevent a migraine?

Everybody is different, but I had tremendous success preventing migraines and all other headaches by taking two tablespoons of cold pressed hemp oil a day. I was getting migraines twice a week before I started taking Hemp Oil. It has been a month and a half without one single headache. Which is a very big deal for me.

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Malayalam word for tea tree oil?

tea tree oil

Can you oil a trigger release?

Not recommended for all.

What is the tree tea oil called in Tamil?

tea tree oil

Where to get tea tree oil in Mumbai?

i want tea tree oil from mumbai

How do migraine headaches differ from headaches?

The difference between a migraine headache and a tension headache is that while a tension headache involves the muscles and fascia of the scalp and neck tightening and causing pain, a migraine involves a large chemical change that affects the entire body. Blood vessels in the brain become wider, serotonin is lowered, and nerves misfire - causing severe pain - along with a host of other symptoms.However this is not clear at this point that migraine is caused by serotonin deficiency.The most frequent tension headache causes are stress, hunger, alcohol and sinus issues such as infection and allergies. Migraine headaches are much more severe than tension headaches. They also affect women more than men, and can sometimes accompany the menstrual cycle. Migraine headaches sometimes elicit other symptoms than just a throbbing head; such as sensitivity to light or sound. Migraines can last from hours to days, and can affect the sufferer's ability to focus, concentrate, work and interact with family. They often cause nausea and force the person to lie down in a dark room, to try to sleep it off.

Australian tree which yields an oil?

The Eucalyptus tree for one produces eucalyptus oil.