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yeah but its better to buy new ones.

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Q: Can tennis shoes that are too small be made larger?
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Who made tennis shoes?


What year was tennis shoes made?

tennis shoes were first introduced in the 1800's and were very basic rubber soled shoes.

Where are converse tennis shoes made?


How are road cycling shoes different from other shoes?

Road cycling shoes are different from other shoes, in particularity, tennis shoes, in the way that they are made. Cycling shoes are made intentionally for people who ride bikes while tennis shoes are made for everyday athletic use.

What are tennis shoes made out of?

they are made of a type of mineral from Africa.

What are Adidas Tennis Shoes made of?

rubber and cloth

What is tennis equipment?

all you really need to play a tennis match is a requet and 2 tennis balls. but you most likely want tennis clothes, tennis shoes (shoes made for playing tennis, NOT running shoes, they mess up the courts), extra grip tape, and other supplies

When was the first tennis shoes made?

is the late 18th century

Where are saucony tennis shoes made?

Until 1994, Saucony's sneakers were Made in USA.

Can Muslims wear tennis shoes?

As long as the shoes aren't made of pork, it's all good.

Why in some countries are sneakers called tennis?

The first shoes made of rubber and canvas were tennis shoes. They were white, low-top shoes made in the same style as regular men's shoes were and, at first, were worn only to play tennis. Later, rubber and canvas shoes were made with black canvas and higher ankles, and were called sneakers. Sneakers were worn to play basketball and replaced leather shoes worn by many boys during and after the depression.

Are tennis shoes made with different fabric than boots?

Doesn't matter. ;)

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