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If you want to get your favorite stations programmed in the numbered buttons on the radio, just manually tune the station then push and hold the desired button in until the sound comes back on. This adjustment is lost every time you pull the radio or disconnect the battery. If you want to improve AM reception with the stock antenna and radio, there are no user-adjustable controls.

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How the FM radio works in mobile phones without any antenna?

i think our head set acted as antenna..

How do you say radio antenna in German?

Radio antenna can be translated as: Funkantenne Radionantenne

What is wrong with the radio reception on a 2007 Camry Radio?

Bad antenna? Radio needs to be trimmed Bad antenna? Radio needs to be trimmed

What can transformation can occur in a radio antenna?

The radio antenna converts electromagnetic radiation to electrical energy

Your stereo is on without a ground what is wrong?

The radio is grounding through the antenna connection. Unplug the antenna and see that it will stop. However you still need to hook up the ground 1st and the antenna last.

Why is radio Not picking up radio stations in a Renault?

Could be broke, or might just be a Hyundai radio. Check antenna, and cable from antenna to radio.

How do you connect the radio antenna on a 1993 Ford f150?

To connect the radio antenna on a 1993 Ford F-150, the back of the radio needs to be exposed under the dash. Plug the radio antenna wire into the back of the radio and tighten the nut.

Where is radio antenna located on 2003 Mitsubishi eclipse?

Where is the radio antenna located on a 2003 Mitsubishi eclipse

How do you install a universal antenna?

Remove the old antenna. Attach the universal antenna to the radio and replace the radio after finishing the task. Install the new antenna. Test to ensure the wiring works.

Can you replace an XM radio antenna with any other antenna like a 3ft hard cb antenna?

You can replace an XM radio antenna with a CB antenna, a ham 40-meter mobile antenna, a cellphone antenna, a GPS antenna, a TV antenna, a wire coat hanger, a 6 GHz microwave antenna, or a chain of paperclips. However, since none of them is optimized to operate at the frequencies of XM radio, like the XM antenna is, none of the others will work as well. Most of them will likely be so inefficient at the satellite radio frequencies that when you use one of those, you hear nothing at all on your radio.

How does a radio telescope gather data?

a radio telescope focuses the incoming radio waves on a antenna, which absorbs and transmits these waves to an amplifier, just like a radio antenna.

How do you replace the radio antenna on a 1993 Honda civic?

You must first remove the radio. I found it easier to also remove the center panel where the coin drawer is, and the lower panel below the steering wheel. Disconnect the antenna from the back of the radio. Attach a string to the antenna lead. Working from under the driver's side dash, work the antenna out from the dash to the left kick panel. My antenna had two clips along this path. You will have to reach up into the dash and remove the antenna wire from these clips. It just slips out of the clips. Remove the two antenna mounting screws that hold the antenna to the top. Pull out the old antenna while feeding the old antenna wire through the hole in the body kick panel substructure, bringing the attached string along with it. It helps to have a helper pulling the antenna out while you are feeding the old antenna wire into the body substructure (at the left kick panel). Connect the string to the new antenna lead. Route the new lead back to the radio in reverse order that you took it out, by pulling on the string. I worked it down to the left kick panel floor board first, then routed it along the back of the panel next, remembering to reafix it in the clips. Reconnect the lead to the radio and affix the antenna to the top. Good luck. It took me an hour or so with lots of grunting and bending.

Where are the antenna connections for a 2000 Ford Taurus?

The antenna connection, for your 2000 Ford Taurus, is on the back of the radio. The antenna cable goes from the radio to the connection in the windshield.

Where is the radio antenna located on a 1979 Olds delta 88?

the radio antenna for the 79 delta 88 is behind the stereo there is a blue wire labeled antenna

What is the purpose of the antenna on a radio or a tv set?

The purpose of an antenna on a radio or tv set is so that it can get signal so we can view tv or listen to the radio

How can you disconnect a power antenna on a 1987 Trans Am without taking the fender off?

Cut the electrical connection or remove the plug behind the radio. Buy a new antenna at Radio Shack. Remove inner fender (plastic) for access to antennna.

Do you have to have an antenna for a CB radio?

Only if you want the radio to work.

What does a radio need to pick up radio waves?


What is radio telescope?

A radio telescope is a form of directional radio antenna used in radio astronomy.

How do you replace a radio antenna on a 1994 C220 Mercedes Benz?

To replace a radio antenna on a 1994 C220 Mercedes Benz you first need to unscrew the old antenna. Next, insert the new antenna and screw into place.

What part of a radio is the input?

The antenna.

Can a GPS unit access a satellite radio antenna via the auxiliary port on the radio?

No. You will need a external transmitter with a suitable antenna.

When to use antenna and antennae?

Antenna is singular - a car has a radio antenna. Antennae is plural - insects have two antennae.

How do you make a antenna for my mp3 players FM radio?

If the player enables radio it should use either an in built antenna of use the earphones as an antenna. Nothing more to buy or build.

Radio for 1999 VW beetle has poor reception although FM is ok Possible problems?

antenna is unplugged or antenna wire is damaged (you will get FM without antenna) This could be the issue, but according to VWs own Technical Bulletins, it is more likely to be one of the following: 1. Poor ground at the antenna base or radio 2. Poor Battery ground to chassis or engine 3. Poor Antenna cable connection at Radio 4. Corrosion at the antenna coaxial connectors at radio or antenna 5. An Incorrect antenna mast installed for the antenna base equipped with the vehicle. You can also check antenna connections electronically through the radio (if a factory model). - Switch radio ON - Press and hold balance button for approx. 10 seconds - 3CPT7 will appear in display (numbers may vary and are not important) - Press CD mode button - 020.1 will appar in display (software version numbers may vary) - Press CD mode button again - FERN OFF / ON will appear in display (FERN = amplified antenna) if FERN ON appears, Antenna and connections are OK if FERN OFF appears, Radio may not be coded correctly for amplified antenna - Check for proper coding of radio, see coding tabel in Tech Bulletin Group 91 number 99-09 dated Oct 25, 1999 When radio is coded according to this table FERN is operational If Radio is coded correctly and FERN OFF appears, then antenna and connections are NOT OK - Checkantenna and connections