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Can the Xbox 360 arcade play Xbox 360 game?


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yes it can play any Xbox 360 games

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Yes, you can play any 360 game on a 360 Arcade.

on xbox 360 Pro, & Elite u can play any xbox game,, but u cant on the 360 arcade on xbox 360 Pro, & Elite u can play any xbox game,, but u cant on the 360 arcade

Yes. There is no difference.

Yes the Xbox 360 game does work on the arcade

Yes, the Xbox 360 Arcade can play DVDs.

the xbox 360 arcade can play the same games as the normal xbox 360

Yes. If you somehow manage to get the Xbox Arcade compilation disk, you will be ale to play their demos. If you have Xbox Live then you can download the demos or even the full game that the arcade has plus more!

I have an Xbox 360 Pro it can play classic Xbox game discs and it comes with a 60G hard drive and mic, the arcade doesnt do any of that.

Yes it can. I personally have an Xbox 360 arcade and halo 3. There are som things on Xbox Live that you cannot do, because it doesnt come with a harddrive, but you can play the game.

Yes, you can play regular xbox 360 games on an arcade unit. The difference in between the arcade unit and the pro system is the pro system comes with a hard drive to save game data/videos/etc.

an xbox 360 arcade is a family game system it does not play any violent games it only plays like arcade games like pac-man and maby uno

Yes, arcade titles are not exclusive to the arcade unit. The Xbox Live marketplace has a section called the "Arcade" where small, downloadable games are available. The only differences between the Xbox 360 Elite and Xbox 360 Arcade, are hardware differences.

As far as I know, you can't play Halo 2 on a Xbox 360 Arcade. The Xbox 360 Arcade can NOT play regular Xbox games. To play Halo 2 on your 360, you'll either need to: A): Get a Xbox 360 Pro or Elite Hard Drive somehow, or B): Buy a new Xbox 360 Pro or Xbox 360 Elite

yes the big difference between arcade and elite is memory

I think you can. I don't own an arcade but I believe that ALL types of Xbox 360's can play xbox games. Look it up on google.

all xbox 360 controllers are compatible with all xbox 360s

No, but you can on Xbox 360 pro, or elite.

Yes, there is a list of games that you can play on it.

There is no difference! All Xbox 360 games work on all Xbox 360 consoles.

Of course you can! The only problem is you cant play via Xbox Live, which is better if you want to get more enjoyment out of xbox 360 arcade.Hope this helped :)

No, you cannot, but if you have an XBOX 360, or an XBOX 360 elite, you can play XBOX games, with an XBOX 360 Arcade, you need an XBOX 360 hard drive to play XBOX games.No you can not play Xbox 360 games on the original Xbox. Some original Xbox games can be played on the Xbox360 but it just depends if they are backwards compatible or not.Very few games for original xbox will work on 360. A total of 200 are currently compatible.

The Xbox ARCADE is a normal xbox with an extra game but without an HDD, so yes, you could buy a 60gb HDD for your "arcade 360". (I assume that you are talking about the Xbox 360 arcade, which replaced the Xbox 360 core.) If im off in someway, please edit or delete my post.

yes, i use a 360 arcade and it works perfactly!

Yes you can. They are all 100% compatible with any Xbox 360 console.

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