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Can the birth control pill cause a miscarriage?

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2014-05-16 14:21:05

  • Yes it can. I didn't know I was pregnant and kept taking my

    pills and then had a lot of bleeding at once, so I went to the Dr.

    and was told that I had a miscarriage. So, if you know you are

    pregnant STOP taking your pills immediately.

  • Here's something to think about. If you are on birth control

    pills, you shouldn't get pregnant to begin with. They say it's

    99.9% effective when used correctly, but you also can't prove that

    someone used every single pill when they were supposed to and as

    directed (without taking meds that can counteract the birth control

    pills) so that .1% is probably just there as a precaution. If

    you're so forgetful that you can't commit to taking the pill like

    you should, go on the birth control patch instead. You only have to

    change it once a week, and just sometime within your change day.

    You don't have to change it at noon every time the way you have to

    take birth control at the same time every day. The fact is that if

    you're taking your pills every day when you happen to be pregnant,

    you made a mistake somewhere. Taking 8 of some birth control pills

    in 24 hours is used as emergency contraception, and you probably

    won't get pregnant if it's within about 3 days of the unprotected

    sex. Basically, it'll cause your period to start. But mind you, you

    have to take 8 PILLS in 24 HOURS for that to work. If it was as

    simple as just taking one normal birth control pill, I doubt

    emergency contraception would require 8 normal birth control pills.

    However, if you think you might be pregnant for any reason, call

    your doctor, take a pregnancy test, and stop taking your pills.

    Pills that alter your hormones can be severely detrimental to a

    developing child.

  • The morning after pill is essentially a high dose of birth

    control pills. Yes, the pill can cause miscarriage, but I don't

    advise doing it except under the direction of your doctor.

  • No. There is no medical evidence to suggest that taking birth

    control pills will harm the baby or cause a miscarriage.

  • There is a possibility yes but there is a even higher

    possibility of birth defects or deformities with the baby. So stop

    taking birth control if you're pregnant hun. See your doctor for a

    blood test.

  • Only the morning after pill will cause spontaneous abortion but

    stop taking BC pill if pregnant. Your body will produce all

    hormones necessary to allow the fetus to implant. No need to help


  • Do not take birth control pills if you are pregnant. This can

    damage your baby. If you want an abortion then go to your local

    clinic and tell them this. Don't try to abort your self. This could

    lead to death.

  • No. They will most likely cause birth defects if anything at

    all. If you do not want the baby, consider adoption. There are

    couples who are desperate for children, you would be appreciated

    and you would have the chance to give the gift of a lifetime to

    both the parents and your child.

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