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NO, the city CANT repossess your car. They can impound it for a violation of a city law. The only one who can repo a car is the LEINHOLDER. THEY can repo it as a result of the city impounding it for the cities reasons. And only repo it AFTER they pay the city and/or impound fees.

Yes - they can have it towed for example if it is abandoned on the side of the road and the lender would have to pay the amount due to get it back just to repossess it. Their lien takes precedence over all others.

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Q: Can the city repossess your car for parking tickets and keep it?
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The boot is also called the trunk . It can also be what the parking enforcement officer puts on your wheel to keep from moving it for unpaid traffic tickets.

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Technically they can keep them forever. I have dealt with tickets from Texas that were as much as 20 years old and were showing up when the court computerized their files.

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Can the company keep your license plate after they repossess your vehicle?

Only if the tags stay with the car in that state.

Can parking tickets be reduce after being in judgment for over 1 year or more?

Parking fines and penalties cannot be reduced once they have been assessed. You need to pay them because the amount due will keep on growing until you do. Pay up.Parking fines and penalties cannot be reduced once they have been assessed. You need to pay them because the amount due will keep on growing until you do. Pay up.Parking fines and penalties cannot be reduced once they have been assessed. You need to pay them because the amount due will keep on growing until you do. Pay up.Parking fines and penalties cannot be reduced once they have been assessed. You need to pay them because the amount due will keep on growing until you do. Pay up.

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Can your car get towed in California for unpaid tickets?

Yes. They scan the streets with special cameras that scan the license plates, looking for any past due parking tickets. If they find that car, they break in, and tow it away, so they can make you pay even more money on top of the tickets, or keep your car. They don't take any money once they catch you---they insist on taking your car, and and towing it. Its a racket.

If you dont pay your traffic tickets how long can they keep your lic suspended?

Until the tickets are paid and the court is satisfied.

If loan is not reaffirmed on a mortgage is the property still mine payments are made on time?

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Can you file parking tickets under a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Parking tickets cannot be discharged under Chapter 7 bankruptcy. They can, however, be discharged under Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is known as "liquidation" bankruptcy. This generally means that all of a debtor's non-exempt property may be sold by a bankruptcy trustee, though the laws for property exemption are different in each state. For example, in New York, most debtors are able to keep all of their property. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a 'reorganization of debts', and allows the individual to keep their property and income while paying off all or part of their debt over a three to five year period. In the case of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, the parking tickets can be considered "unsecured" debts (similar to credit cards and medical bills), and can thus be treated as such for repayment.

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No, they would likely repossess the car.

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