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Not at the current rate of consumption.

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โˆ™ 2008-12-15 00:46:00
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Q: Can the crude oil last us 1000 years?
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How long does crude oil last?

Crude oil will probably last 20 years - optimistic scientists say around 25.

What is the Average price of crude oil the last 5 years?

From 2005-2010, the average price for a barrel of crude oil is: about $67.00.

How long will crude oil last?

30 years give or take a fue

Why crude oil is a fossil fuel?

Crude oil, coal and are fossil fuels. They were formed over millions of years. Crude oil and gas were formed from dead marine organisms

Is gasoline nonrenewable?

Gasoline is refined from crude oil and crude oil is nonrenewable (i.e. takes millions of years).

How is crude oil produced?

Crude oil is pumped up from under the ground, where it formed 300 million years ago.

How is crude oil formed and extracted from the ground?

Crude oil is made from prehistoric decomposed plants formed millions of years ago, it is extracted using an oil rig. :)

How is the crude separated from the oil?

Crude IS oil.

Why is crude oil known as crude oil?

Crude Oil is hydrocarbon and it is mixture of carbon and hydrogen.

Why does using biodiesel make your supplies of crude oil last longer?

If you are using bio fuel you are not using fossil fuel. Crude oil is a fossil fuel

How long does it take for crude oil to be formed?

Millions of years

How much crude oil does Russia have?

10 - 12 years.

What is Nigeria's position in the world in producing crude oil?

Crude oil is crude..

How are polymers made into crude oil?

Polymers are not made into crude oil. Crude oil is made into polymers.

What ingredients are in crude oil?

dookey is in crude oil

Is crude oil a mixture?

Crude oil is a mixture

What can you do with crude oil?

What other thing you can do with crude oil.

What does crude oil consist of?

crude oil consists of thick oil

Have OPEC nations increased the price that they charge for oil in the last few years?

OPEC nations have increased the price of oil in the last few years, but this is a market that fluctuates daily. The price of crude oil in the United States has several other factors like supply and demand that determine price.

Is polythene made from crude oil?

Yup!    Crude Oil -> Crude Oil Vapour --> Diesel Oil --> Ethene --> Poly(ethene)

What is the spiked crude oil?

Crude oil blended with condensate or NGLs

How many gallons of gasoline are there in a barrel of crude oil?

Zero. A barrel or crude oil contains... crude oil.

Where does plastics come frome?

plastic come from last stage of crude oil.

What is the difference between oil and crude oil?

crude oil isn't refined

Crude oil is a toxic chemical that is?

Crude oil is inorganic.