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If the parent is in prison the child is no longer considered to be in above said's custody. Unless it was an overlook by the state, the incarcerated parent should receive no benefits for the child, as those benefits are marked for use by the person or institution with physical and legal custody of the child or children.

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Q: Can the custodial parent continue to receive child support payments if they are in prison in Tennessee?
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Can a child receive child support while living in Mexico?

The child does not receive support payments - the custodial parent of the child does.

Do your disability payments stop when you get your social security payments?

Disability payments are Social Security Payments. When a person reaches full retirement age (66), the payments continue as normal, but are no longer considered disability payments. A person does not receive two payments.

Will the court continue to pay you child support if husband does not pay?

No. The court's role is to distribute payments they receive from the obligors.

Can a custodial parent choose not to receive child support?

Yes. However, such a refusal would not change the non-custodial parent's visitation rights. It is also possible to request the non-custodial parent to place a specified amount of money into a trust or educational fund in lieu of traditional maintenance payments.

Does a child have to live with custodial parent in order for custodial parent to receive support?


Can a mother receive child support if she is getting unemployment?

Yes, child support would continue even if the custodial parent loses his or her job and is collecting child support.

How can a non custodial parent with visitation rights receive custody when custodial parent becomes incarcerated?

By applying to a court.

If you receive child support and you move out of state does the child support stop?

It depends on what the support order says, but payments usually continue until the child is 18.

You are a custodial parent and you are moving to another state how will you contunie to receive child support payments?

Make sure that the courts and/or your State's child support agency knows your whereabouts. And don't forget to get the permission of the court to move.

Can a person receive child support from someone in jail?

Arrears would continue to accumulate and regular payments plus arrears would resume once released from jail.

What do students Typically receive funds from a Direct Stafford Loan in payments.?

Typically, students receive funds from a Direct Stafford Loan in _____ payments.

How would a custodial parent close her case with the District Attorney's office in order to receive support payments directly from the child's father?

The involved party will need to discuss the matter with the ADA in charge of the case. If child support has been under the supervision of the state and/or there are arrearages the case will not be dismissed upon the request of the custodial parent.

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