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Pass Through of Tax--tax inventory fee

While VIT is actually one component of the dealer's ad valorem tax, state law allows dealers to pass on to retail buyers the unit tax attributable to that sale. The charge on a retail contract for the tax should be disclosed as "dealer inventory tax" and not misrepresented as a charge required by law or as the "buyer's inventory tax." While the VIT charge can be passed on to buyers, the law does not require that a dealer do so. In fact, the law is neutral on the issue, and an attempt to convince a buyer that the tax is a mandatory charge required by law to be added to the contract is incorrect and actionable.

Addition of the tax on the contract is a negotiable item and a dealer can refuse to sell to a buyer who refuses to have it included. Conversely, a buyer can refuse to sign a contract that has it in. you will pay interest on this fee if you are financing.

Documentary Fee---the dealership cannot charge you this fee. It is not a mandatory fee to pay to the dealership. Not only that, if you finance a vehicle, you will be paying some interest on that small fee as well.

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Q: Can the dealer add their doc fee deputy fee and dealer inventory tax to the sales price in Texas?
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