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Yes, it definitely can.

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What is a good hypothesis for paper airplane?

if our paper airplane is light , then the plane will go farther, because the wind will carry it farther

How does the size of the paper airplane effect how far it goes?

the smaller the airplane is the plane goes farther and the bigger the planes the plane doesnt go farther

What flies farther a paper airplane or an aluminum airplane?

paper i think paper i think it's paper it's way lighter than aluminum so it will go farther

Does microwaving softball make it go farther?

yea it does make it go farther

How do i make the speed of a paper airplane go farther?

Reduce air resistance (force of drag) by reducing the front-facing surface area.

Does a lighter paper airplane go further than a heavier paper airplane?

well not really it up to you power in your trow it you trow it light the lighter paper airplane will will but if you trow hard enough the heaver one will go farther because it has more build in

How far can a paper airplane go when thrown?

It depends on how you throw your paper airplane. Also how you make to paper airplane.

Does freezing a softball make it go farther?

Yes it does. Will a hard compression ball go farther than a softer one? The harder the ball the farther it will travel.

Does the design of an airplane effect its flight?

yes, smaller ones go faster usually. there are many differences

How do you make a straw rocket work best?

it can go farther when its shorter

Why is aluminum used in baseball bats?

To make the ball go farther.

When your running what make the ball go farther?

my feet and willingness and desire

What type of baseball bat will make the ball go farther a wooden bat or an aluminum bat and why?

The aluminum bat would go farther than the wooden bat. It will go farther because the aluminum bat is much lighter than the wooden bat.

Why did Rickenbacker invent the electric guitar?

he wanted to make music go farther

How can you make a softball go farther?

The speed of the bat will help your ball go farther. rotation should be fast. Increase in core strength and leg strength will help on the rotation

Where do you find the radio in sims 2 castaway?

go to the airplane island and then go to the airplane jungle you will find near the airplane the airplane radio

How do you make a paper airplane go far?

make sure it's streamlined.then go somewhere high and throw it. Make suree it's not squared paper

How can you make a Nerf gun shoot farther?

you go to the bathroom say i hate my gun walk back and you will see a fairy that makes it shoot farther

How do you hit a tennis ball to make it go farther?

The way it can go faster is by hitting really, really hard

What makes an airplane go forward?

The engine makes an airplane go forward.

How do you make a logo for your group on roblox?

go to paint and make circle and then design

Wich ramp will make a skateboard go farther a small one or big one?

a big one duhhh cause the more speed it can pick up on its way down the farther it will go :)

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