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Yes if it's a ds or ds lite

Not dsi or dsi XL

Actually, a DS lite cannot play gameboy color games. Only the original DS.

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Can a Game Boy advance play DS games?

no,it can only play gameboy advance and game boy color games,the ds(discluding dci)can not play gameboy color,only ds and gameboy advance games.

Can you play Gameboy Color games on the Nintendo DS?

No. You can use gameboy advance games on a DS as well as normal DS games.

Can you play gameboy games on ds lite?

If you mean actual 'Gameboy' games, then no. It cannot play games from the original Gameboy, nor the Gameboy Color.

Do Game Boy games work in a DS Lite?

gameboy sp, gameboy advance, gameboy color, gameboy, gameboy mini, and Nintendo DS can play gameboy games.

Can you play gameboy games on a gameboy color?

yes. you can also play them on advance and DS. its a little bulky though. you just cant play advance or DS games on color or original gameboys.

Is there a adapter to play older Gameboy games on the Nintendo Ds?

The Nintendo DS will play Gameboy Advance games using the second included cartridge slot. Unfortunately, due to size and space limitations, older Gameboy and Gameboy Color games cannot be played on the Nintendo DS.

Can you play Game Boy Color games on the Nintendo DS?

No, you cannot play gameboy color games on the Nintendo DS. In order to play gameboy color games, the DS would have to have a special processor included, and it would need an infra-red port and link cable slot in order to play both gameboy and gameboy color games. This would make the machine bulkier, and need more hardware, and the cost would be higher. The creators at Nintendo decided it would be better to exclude gameboy and gameboy color games from the system. One thing to think about though the Nintendo DSi has no gameboy games, unless they are talking gameboy pocket or something but DS and DS Lite do have a GBA slot, it just isn't able to play gb color. I tried but it was too big so just remember that.

Can you play gameboy games on a Nintendo ds?

No only ds and gameboy advance games.

Does the ds play gameboy games?

It will only play Gameboy Advance games.

Can you play Game Boy originals on ds?

No, the only Gameboy games that the DS can play, are Gameboy Advance games.

Can you play Game Boy games on your ds?

No, Gameboy and GBC games are incompatible with any model of the DS. You can play Gameboy Advanced games on a DS or DS lite.

What can the ds lite do?

It can play GameBoy games and DS games.

How do Game Boy Color games work on the Nintendo DS?

Gameboy Color games do not work on Nintendo DS. They will slide out or not fit. But, Gameboy Advanced games will work on DS.

Can you play original Game Boy games on NDS?

ds can play ds games and gameboy advance games only. not original gameboy

Can you play the first Game Boy games in a ds?

No. You can only play them on Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Advance SP. Oh, and the PC if you have an emulator. Also porn.

Can all Game Boy cartridges be played on a DS lite?

No, only GBA ones. You cannot play regular Gameboy or Gameboy Color games on a DS.

Can I play Pokemon Yellow on DS?

No, you cannot.Though the Nintendo DS and DS lite can play GameBoy Advanced Games, it cannot play GameBoy or GameBoy Colour games. Pokemon Yellow is a GameBoy game so it will not work on the Nintendo DS or DS lite.

Can you play gameboy games on a ds?

you can play game boy games a normal DS but not on a DS light or a DS I.

Can you play the original black and white Game Boy games on a Game Boy Advance SP?

Of Course! A Gameboy Advance-Sp can Play Original Gameboy games, Gameboy color games, and Gameboyadvance games. Yet Both the Nintendo ds and lite cannot play gameboy games, only the Gameboy advance games

Can you play Game Boy games in the ds?

Original GameBoy, GameBoy Color, no. Game Boy Advance games can be played with the original DS and DS Lite. The DSi removed the reader slot to save space.

Does dual screen play Game Boy games?

It can play Gameboy Advance games and Gameboy DS games. Not Gameboy pocket or colour games.

Can the Nintendo Ds also play Gameboy Advance games?

The DS can play Gameboy Advance games, but you'll need an adapter cartridge.

Do Nintendo games play in a Nintendo DS?

It depends which games, and which DS you are talking about. The DS and DS lite can play Gameboy Advance/Gameboy Advance SP games, but that's it. The DSI however, cannot play any other games.

Can you play gameboy games on ds?

partly yes partly no, you cannot play original or color (the big ones) but you can play advance.

Are Game Boy Advance games sold with DS games?

Gameboy games and DS games are sold separately but the Nintendo DS can play any type of Gameboy game.

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