Can you play Pokemon Red on a Ds?

Updated: 10/4/2023
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No, you cannot.

Though the Nintendo DS and DS lite can play GameBoy Advanced Games, it cannot play GameBoy or GameBoy Colour games. Pokemon Yellow is a GameBoy game so it will not work on the Nintendo DS or DS lite.

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You cant you can only DS games or GBA red is a game boy color game. So You should no this person

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No, you cannot play Pokemon Yellow on a DS. The DS does not support original Game Boy games.

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Q: Can you play Pokemon Red on a Ds?
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Is Pokemon Red for Game Boy Color?

No sorry -------------------PokeHelpThatsMe------------------------------------------------ Pokemon Platinum is A DS game ONLY But if you want to play it on PC download no$gba emulator (DS) & Pokemon platinum ROM OR unless you can hack Pokemon platinum to be compatible to play on vba/gba

Can a fake Pokemon game ruin your ds?

they can do, because i had a fake Pokemon emerald, i tried to play it and it had problems so i returned it to the seller i got it from. after that i tried to play on my fire red and my ds can never read it. my firer red is real aswell. that's just my personal experience.

Can you trade Pokemon between version FireRed and version white if you can then how?

No im afraid. But remember you cannot give them back to fire red. heres what you can do though, you will need:2 ds's a ds lite or original,the games,hg ss plt,p,d.and white and fire red. Now heres what you do: have a ds lite or the original one have the pokemon you want to transfer in fire red in the pokemon computer. insert a pearl,diamond,platinum,heart gold,soul silver game into the ds slot then insert fire red in the gba game slot,at the bottom of the console. Play the ds game and go to the national park ,unlocked after defeating the elite 4. talk to the man at the counter of the national park and he shall ask you to connect to the gba game and select six pokemon to transfer to you ds game. you can only select six per day.when you are finished selecting you will play a mini game where you will hunt ,like in the safari park,for the pokemon.after catching them you have them on the ds game. next you will need 2 ds's 1 with the ds game which contains the fire red pokemon,the second with white. on white go to the poke transfer lab ,which you get after defeatng the elite 4 and again talk to the man at the counter. After his gibberish you should be searching for a second ds. On the ds with the ds game that has fire red pokemon,turn it on but dont play the game.On the ds menu select ds download play and you will be playing a mini game where you slingshot pokeballs at the pokemon after that your pokemon will now be in your pokemon white game.

What is the difference between Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team?

Pokemon Red Rescue Team is a GBA game pak, while Pokemon Blue Rescue Team is a DS game card. You can only play Red Rescue Team with a Gameboy Advanced (GBA) or Gameboy Advanced Special (GBA SP), but you can play both games with a DS.

Where can you play Pokemon games like fire red and leaf green without downloading rentingor trading?

Buy the Pokemon gameboy cartridges (as long as you have a ds or gameboy) Buy the Pokemon gameboy cartridges (as long as you have a ds or gameboy)

Can you play Pokemon LeafGreen on ds?

You can play any GBA (GameBoy Advance) on a DS and a DS lite not a dsi

Can you trade Pokemon off your phone onto your DS if you have Pokemon red on phone and Pokemon diamond-pearl on DS?

Of Course ......NOT!!!

Can you play Pokemon Yellow on DS?

No, you cannot play Gameboy Colour games on the Nintendo DS.

Can you play Pokemon Soul Silver on the original Nintendo DS?

As long as it's a Nintendo DS system, then yes, you can play Pokemon SoulSilver Version on the original Nintendo DS.

Is Pokemon red version on Nintendo DS?

No, Pokémon Red is not currently available on Nintendo DS.

Why on Pokemon fire red does my game restarts when you play diamond why is this?

You should get your DS or GBA checked. There must be a problem with your gaming system :)

What consoles can you play Pokemon silver on?

You can play Pokemon silver version on any of the gameboys,but not on the ds.