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Visitation and child support are two different issues. Legally you can't keep your child from visiting the father on that charge. Some fathers have gotten modified change of custody orders because the mother wouldn't allow visitation.

2017-06-27 14:25:21
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If a father has custody can he keep the child from her mother if she is not paying child support?

No, child support and child visitation are two different matters. Neither a father nor a mother can be denied visitation based on the fact that they are not paying child support.

Does the father have a right to see his child if he pays csa?

Child support and visitation are two separate issues. The father has the right to request a visitation schedule with his child. Visitation is not dependent on paying child support.

Does a father have to have visitation while paying child support?

No. Custody and child support orders are separate. A father who is paying child support should request a visitation schedule if he wants to spend time with his child. On the other hand, you cannot make a father spend time with his child is doesn't want to.

Do you have to let a father see his child if not paying support?

If he has a visitation order, yes.

What rights does a father have for visitation if he is paying child support?

Visitation rights should have been addressed at the time the child support order was issued. Child support and visitations are two separate issues. The father must return to the court that has jurisdiction and request a visitation schedule.

If spouse is not biological father does he have visitation rights?

If he paying child support, or can prove to the court that a father/child relationship has been developed.

Do a father get visitation after they stop paying child support at age 20 for a handicap child?

Visitation should not be dependent on child support. How would the child feel losing the parent? Keep that issue in front of the judge.

If an unmarried father chooses not to pay child support does he still have rights to child in CA?

An unmarried father cannot "choose" to not pay child support. The laws in every state require that a father pay for the support of his child. The mother must bring an action to the appropriate court so that a child support order can be established. Visitation rights are separate and a father can have visitation rights established by the court. Visitation rights are not dependent on paying child support.

If the father is paying child support does that mean he has visitation rights?

Support and Visitation are separate matters that are addressed separately by the court. However, if you were a participant in a child support case you should have requested a visitation order at the same time. No one is going to do that for you. If you want a visitation schedule with your child then return to the court that issued the child support order and request visitation.

Is the father still entitled to seeing the child even if he is not paying court ordered child support?

Yes, child support and visitation are independent of one another.

If a father is not paying child support does he still have rights?

In general, visitation and child support are separate matters. However, if you aren't paying support, you might reasonably expect some resistance from the custodial parent about visitation! But of the two, denying a child a father is far more damaging and costly to the child and society in general. see link below

Should a father who is not paying child support and has made threats to disappear with the children have the right to get them for visitation?

Absolutley not.

If the mother deprive the father the right to see his child and he pays child support what are will the courts do for legal relief for him?

If the father has visitation rights and the mother refuses to allow the father those rights, then the father can sue the mother in a civil contempt proceeding. If she doesn't have a good reason for disallowing the visitation then she can be held in contempt of court. There are various remedies including giving the father more visitation to make up for the visitation that was disallowed by the mother or even giving the father custody, but usually, the judge will just order the mother to allow the visits. His paying or not paying child support has nothing to do with whether or not he gets visitation (i.e. he gets visitation regardless of whether or not he is current with child support).

Can the mother take a child out of the country if the couple is not married?

If the father have visitation, shared custody or paying child support she will need his and the courts consent.

Can a father be denied visitation if he is behind on child support?

it all depends on state that you live in, however, a father has a right to see his children despite his history of child support payments. the mother cannot legally refuse to allow the father to the child or children due to lack of support, unless there is a court order or restraining order that legally allows her to withold visitation. Paying child support and visitation rights have nothing to do with each other.Just because you dont/do pay child support doesnt mean you can/cannot visit your child

If paying child support does the father have the right to see the child?

The father has the right to see the child whether or not he pays child support. Child Support and Visitation are two separate issues. One does not depend on the other. The parties are required to obey both court orders.

What can a underaged father do to see his child?

In order to petition for custody or visitation right by the court you have to establish paternity by a DNA test. Then you can obtain a visitation schedule and also start paying child support.

What can an illegal father do if paying child support and mother does not let him see him on visitation days?

You have to keep paying child support. The visitation issue is separate and you should consider straightening out your legal status so that you can seek relief. If you were not married to the child's mother, your options are also limited.

Can a mother deny visitation if the father is paying child support?

Whether or not a parent is paying child support is irrelevant when the issue is visitation rights. If there is a court order for visitation the primary custodial parent must allow it or be found in contempt of court. If there is not a court order in place the custodial parent can make the decision to when, where or if visitation is allowed. Visitation guidelines are usually established during the custodial proceedings.

If the father has visitation rights and has not seen the child can you get full custody and receive child support?

How does he have any visitation rights with a custody and child support order?

What rights does a father have if he has never paid child support and hasnt seen his child in 13 months?

Child support and visitation are separate issues and visitation rights are not dependent on paying child support. He has the right to petition the court for visitation and custody as well as the responsibility to pay child support. The courts encourage the involvement of both parents in the child's life. If the parents are not married the father may need to establish his paternity before petitioning for visitations or custody.

Does a father in MI have legal right to visit his child if he is paying support to his child's mother?

Payment of child support does not automatically confer a right to visitation. I suggest that you file a motion in the appropriate court to compel visitation.SEE LINKS BELOW

Does the father have to have the mother's consent to quit paying child support?

The father has to have the court's consent to cease paying child support.

If the father does not pay child support do you still need to give him visitation rights?

Depends on your state, but courts say child support and visitation are two totally different subjects and are not considered together. Father has visitation rights irrespective of whether or not he pays child support.

Can a mother deny visitation rights if father not paying child support?

No she cannot. If the court order needs to be changed it has to be done in the court where it was issued. She is breaking the court order if she is trying to stop him from seeing his child or the child from seeing the parent. Child support and visitation are two separate issues.