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If a filter is not cycled it will not particularly stress the fish but it will only be stirring up the water. If the filter is making too much current for the particular species of fish it may disturb the fish a little but if it is a case of a cycled filter running or not running, I can assure you that the fish will be more stressed by not having a filter than having one running a bit faster than neccessary.

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Q: Can the filter stress the fish?
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What does fish tank filter important?

You may need filter for your fish tank because it cleans your goldfish's feces and waste known as ammonia. If you don't have filter, and you clean the water everyday, your goldfish may have stress and trauma. Filter has the main job to oxygenate the water. If you don't have filter, and you clean the tank everyday and cause your goldfishes to have stress and trauma, they can have a disease called pop-eye from it. So, I would advise that you should buy an filter as soon as possible before your goldfish has pop-eye.

Do you have to have a filter with fish with puffy eyes?

Filter a fish? Do you mean filtering a fish's tank? Well you have to filter any fish's tank.

Do guppy fish have to have a filter in their tank?

do guppy fish have to have a filter in the tank

What type of fish is a filter-feeder?

Jawless fish are filter-feeders.

Is it better to run a fish tank with an old filter or no filter at all?

no filter because for smaller fish it can hurt or even kill them and for the old filter use bigger fish

What is the difference between a fish pump and a fish filter?

a fish filter cleans the water and a pump pushes it through a fish filter cleans the water and a pump pushes it through

What is a filter carbon for a fish tank?

A filter carbon for a fish tank is to help the fish breath and it clean left over from the fish. Hope it helps

Is it hard to clean out a pet fish's filter?

yes,it is hard to clean out a pet fish's filter

Why is a filter needed for a fish tank?

The filter removes the fish waste and some of the other impurities.

How do jawless fish and cartilaginous fish take in food?

Jawless fish and cartilaginous fish filter feed. These fish take in particles through their gills and filter the food into their system.

What types of fish does not need a filter other then goldfish and betta?

It is best that all fish have a filter besides Betta fish. Betta fish don't need filters cause the filter pushes them over with their big fins. Goldfish should have a filter on there tank because they are often overfed. If you have a filter you won't have to change the water as often. The only fish that shouldn't have a filer in captivity are Betta fish.

Do you need a filter for Guppies?

it is best for any fish to have a filter

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