Can the founder of the nonprofit put in the bylaws that only he can pick and remove board members?

Since you chose the condominium...category, the assumption is that the non-profit's founder is the developer/ builder of the community, and that the community's status is still within the 'declarant control period'. During these early days of a community project, the developer usually has free reign -- as documented in your governing documents.

These special rights might include adding and removing board members, and amending the governing documents.

Read your governing documents to determine whether or not the membership can elect a board member. Usually, a developer cannot remove a board member elected by the owners.

This is an extremely tender time for the community, and the owners must educate themselves and become familiar with their state condominium law, their governing documents, and exert their rights as owners. Otherwise, the developers interests can defeat the dreams of the first-time-buyers.

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