Can the mother of a child give another adult custody of the child without having to go through court procedures?


No. Any baby born to a married mother is assumed by law to be the child of the husband. Which means the husband's rights in the child have to be legally given up as well as the mother's rights. And without the legalities it can be construed to be kidnapping, abandonment or even slavery.

There is no reason why they can't have the child live with you, as long as they have provided you gaurdianship papers to act in the child's behalf. But it does not relieve the mother and father (presumed or actual) from the responsibilities of providing maintenance and support for the child.

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A parent(s) cannot award guardianship or custody to any person(s) without the consent of the court. The exception temporary custody which is 3 months or less where the agreement is made writing and contains all pertinent information, such as date the custodial care begins and ends, amount of support to be paid and in what terms, etc.

Guardianship is only awarded when both parents voluntarily relinquish their rights to the child and the court grants the TPR petition or the court permanently terminates the rights of both parents because of abuse or neglect.

1)what if the mother signed over her rights to her aunt without the fathers knowing?