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yes it can, such as increased breast size and tenderness, and some people feel nausea as well. howeever, one thing it does do is keep your period extremely regular. mine was very irregular, it could be every month or every other month, but after i got on the pill it has come on the same day for a year now. being a week early would be unusual on the pill, especially if you have taken them correctly. people's bodies react differently to pills though, so maybe it is normal for you.

Defintitely. When I used to take the pill, my breasts were always extremely sore (tried all of the different kinds of pills with different hormone levels and nothing stopped them from hurting). I also felt bloated all of the time, and occasionally even felt really light waves of morningsickness-like symptoms (without ever puking). I finally switched to the NuvaRing form of Birth Control & love it. You don't have to remember to take it, you can't feel it, and for me, it alleviated all of the symptoms described earlier.

Be careful with nuvaring. I kept getting severe vaginal infections, that i could never completely get rid of. My doctor told me that nuvaring can harbor bacteria and yeast. I switched back to the pill, and I haven't had any problems since. I too had morning sickness with the pill (ortho tri-cyclen lo) to the point of vomiting. Try Yasmin, it's much better.

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Q: Can the pill cause pregnancy symptoms?
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Could stopping the birth control pill cause pregnancy symptoms?

If you're not taking the pill, it's always possible to get pregnant, fake symptoms or not.

What are symptoms of pregnancy when you are on the birth control pill?

The same as when your not on birth control pill. Birth control can cause pregnancy symptoms when you've recently started taking it within the last 3 months.

Can stopping the birth control pill cause pregnancy symptoms?

Yes it is normal. You may still experience symptoms on and off for upto 3 months after stopping the pill.

Can you have pregnancy symptoms while on the pill?

Yes, the pill is not 100% preventative.

What is the classification of signs and symptoms of early pregnancy?

pregnancy abortion pill

Are pregnancy symptoms the same if you are on the pill?

Yes, they are. They are exactly the same.

Can you have symptoms of pregnancy while on NuvaRing?

Birth control medication does cause pregnancy symptoms. But yes you can have pregnancy symptoms and be pregnant.

If you're the pill and you think you're pregnant can you still get the symptoms of pregnancy?

Hello, Yes, you will still experience pregnancy symptoms if you conceive while on the pill. But you need to stop taking the pill because you suspect you're pregnant. See your doctor for a pregnancy blood test.

Can the birth control pill cause vomiting?

Yes. The pill can cause symptoms that are very similar to "morning sickness."

What symptoms happen when you stop taking the pill?

you will probably start your period or atleast have spotting. also if you miss a pill it can result in pregnancy

Can the depo shot cause pregnancy symptoms?

The Depo shot may cause pregnancy symptoms. These are generally involving a loss of period or reduced period, however a pregnancy test should be taken if pregnancy is suspected.

You are correct that?

You are correct that stress can cause disruptions in her cycle. The symptoms that you describe are the same as is seen in pregnancy, but they are also side effects of the morning after pill. I think your best course is to get a pregnancy test and put your mind at ease.

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