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Yes, they can go anywhere and take you into custody on a bench warrant. A bench warrant is a judge's order to take you into custody.

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2009-11-19 21:43:40
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Q: Can the police come your job to serve a bench warrant?
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Can the police come to your house on a bench warrant for a failure to appear at a compliance hearing for a misdemeanor?

Will the police come to your house on a bench warrant for a failure to appear at cost and fines hearing

Which warrant will police come looking for you regular or bench?

Both, a bench warrent is just one given by the residing judge

Will a cop come and arrest you on a bench warrant?

Yes, they can. Bench warrants are usually served by Marshalls or Constables not regular police. See Discussion page

How many times will the police come to your home to serve a warrant if they don't find you there?

As often as they want until the warrant is taken care of.

What happens if police try to serve a warrant but the person is not home?

they come back until they catch them

Can the cops come to my house and arrest me if i have a bench warrant in kansas?

Yes. What do you think a warrant is??

Can the police come in my house to serve a warrant for somebody who doesn't live here?

I would think that if they knew that person was there......yes.

For a bench warrant in Minneapolis Minnesota can they come to your home?

Yes, they can come to your house on the basis of a bench warrant.Added: A bench warrant indicates that it is issued directly by a judge or judicial officer. It is an order to law enforcement to take you into custody WHEREVER you may be located.

Does a police officer need a search warrant to enter my house?

Yes a police officer does need a warrant to come into your house, by force. But if the officer would ask to come in and you reply yes, he can come in without a warrant.

Can police come into your home uninvited without a warrant?

No they cannot come into your house with out a warrant unless the have probable cause.

What if your in jail in one county and another county issued a bench warrant what happens when you get out of jail?

When you have served your period of incarceration in the first county, before they release you they should check to see if there are any other "criminal holds" on you. When they find the bench warrant they will hold you for the other county to come get you and return you to the court that issued the bench warrant.

Do you have to open the door to police officers?

If the police officers have a search warrant or an arrest warrant, then you have to open the door. If they have come to ask questions or for any other reason without a warrant, you do not legally have to open the door.

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