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You kiddin me... they will make several keys if they feel like (they being me) I repo cars all the time.. i will make several sets if the account is a pain in the butt. I will give them to neighbors even! ya.. neighbors! i have paid, friends, family and neighbors, to name a few to take peoples car.. $$$$$$ money talks. Ya, most will take them with a hold harmless affadavit i give them. Depends on your neighborhood wether they are all that willing to help. When it comes to repo "by any means necessary"

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โˆ™ 2009-04-06 20:32:53
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Q: Can the repo company make keys to your truck when they already have the keys?
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Spotters are guys who drive cars and find the cars and either get the keys or call the tow truck, they make between $30-$100 each car If you have a truck and work for a company then you average $100 - $300 a car depending on who you work for and where you are located. I work in New York City. Not everyone can do this, it takes more than you think.

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Does having the title to a repossessed truck give you any legal rights?

NO, the truck probably has been sold already and the lender got a repossessed title to sell it with. Of course they do make mistakes. LOL

If a trucking company files bankruptcy and you are leasing a truck from them what is your responsibility to the company?

If your thinking you no longer have to make payments, your wrong. Your responcibility to the company is the exact same, it doesn't change because they filed for bankruptcy.

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go to: for keys

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Will be very hard to make a claim under those circumstances