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YES, they can remove it to any state of their choice

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Q: Can the repo company remove the vehicle from the state in Illinois?
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How do you title salvage vehicle in Illinois?

Salvage vehicles in Illinois can only be held by a licensed vehicle rebuilder, vehicle recycler or scrap processor or out of state salvage buyer and may not be driven on the road. If you are sold a salvage vehicle from a private party or Illinois dealer in the state of Illinois, the sale was not legal. Contact the Secretary of State Police for help. If you bring in a salvage vehicle from out of state, the vehicle must be inspected by a DOT safety inspection station and the Secretary of State Police before a rebuilt title is issued. You may not sell the vehicle except to one of the above licensed dealers. Contact a Secretary of State Police Vehicle Inspection Station for details.

What is the Distance between Illinois State University and University of Illinois?

They are about 60 miles apart. By vehicle, about an hour.

Does an Illinois Resident working in Indiana file state income tax in Indiana or Illinois?

If I live in Illinois and my company is in Illinois but I am onsite at a client in Indiana what state taxes do I pay?

Where is state farm insurance company incorporated?


Can the executor of an estate remove items without asking the other beneficiaries in the state of Illinois?

not in Illinois but in Texas

What is a good insurance company to sign up a teen driver in Illinois with?

Cheap insurance in the state of Illinois does not just limit itself to the insurance company. In order to lower your rate in the state, there are several things you can do. For example, maintain at least a "B" average in school, complete a safe driving course and choose an appropriate vehicle which will result in a lower premium.

What two parties were involved in the Wabash v Illinois case?

The parties were Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific Railroad Company, petitioner, and the State of Illinois, respondent.Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific Railway Company v. Illinois, 118 U.S. 557 (1886) resulted from a dispute between the railway company and the state of Illinois arising from shipping charges for hauling cargo from various cities in Illinois to cities in other states.

Do you need a license to sell cars in Illinois and if so how can you obtain one?

You do. Check with the Secretary of State, who monitors and licenses vehicle dealers. See the link to the right for the Illinois state page with the forms.

Can you title a salvaged vehicle in Illinois?

Yes you can but the title will say salvage. A salvage title in Illinois means it has been stolen or wrecked and has not yet been inspected or otherwise cleared by the state. You cannot drive or as a private party, own a salvage vehicle. If you do own one, you must contact a Illinois Secretary of State Police Vehicle Inspection Station to start the process to obtain a rebuilt title.

Is Illinois a lien or a title theory state?

Illinois is a lien theory state.Illinois is a lien theory state.Illinois is a lien theory state.Illinois is a lien theory state.

In the State of Illinois is there a time limit for buy here pay here dealerships when it comes to repossessing a vehicle?

Read the contract you signed when you purchased the vehicle.

What state is Illinois in?

Illinois is a state.

If you purchased your car in Wisconsin and then registered it in Illinois do you need a Wisconsin title or an Illinois title to sell it in Wisconsin?

You need the title to be in whatever state you registered the vehicle in.

Can you get auto insurance for a vehicle you own in one state that is not your state of residency?

Technically, no. But, yes you can as long as you inform the insurance company of where the vehicle is primarily located, although few insurance companies will write the a policy. If there is a reason your vehicle is to be registered in one state and your residence in another, a simpler means is to establish a company in the non-residence state and register and insure the vehicle in the company's name.

Where are the headquarters of the State Farm Insurance company?

The headquarter of the State Farm Insurance company is in Bloomington, Illinois, United States. The company has 17,700 agents, 343 claim offices and 30 operations centers.

Why do you have to sell your vehicle to the insurance company if it is declared a total loss in the state of Alabama?


What is the most reputable auto insurance company for Illinois?

State farm has a very good reputation.

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What is the best insurance company for vehicle accidents?

The best insurance company for vehicle accidents is State Farm, with over 40 million drivers currently using State Farm. This makes State Farm one of the most popular insurance companies in the world.

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