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Can they rebill medicare again if I received a bill from the hospital almost 2 years after spouses death because insurance company made a mistake am I responsible because medicare should pay rest?


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Medicare would have covered all the remainder if my insurance had not made the error

"Can they rebill medicare again I received a bill from the hospital almost 2 years after spouses death because insurance company made a mistake am I responsible because medicare should pay rest?"

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Medical insurance payments to the providers of the services for your medical bill charges would not reduce the amount that medicare will approve for the payment amount charges that they will pay for the services that you have received.

Please explain your question more thoroughly if my answer does not suffice. I am unsure of what you mean by Medicare Carve Out Coverage. You can buy a Medicare Supplement at any time once you have received your Medicare Part A and Part B. If you do not enroll within 6 months of your Part B effective date you would be subject to underwriting. You can not join a Medicare Supplement if you already have a Medicare Advantage Plan as this is not allowed by Centers for Medicare. You would be required to drop your Medicare Advantage Plan prior to the Medicare Supplement effective date. If you had coverage through an employer, you would not need Medicare Supplement coverage as your employer coverage would be primary and then Medicare would be secondary for your out-of-pocket costs covered by Medicare.

If you received services, your are responsible for them. You should not expect to be treated for free.

Why, is it the insurance co that attacked you? You go to the hospital, get your wounds stitched up and call the police.

While waiting for your insurance to process your claim, it is listed in our billing software as insurance responsibility. Once we have received the payment and/or eob (explanation of benefits) from the insurance, the amount due from the patient is then transferred in our system to the patients responsibility. We are literally transferring the responsible party from the insurance to the patient.

Most Americans turning 65 enroll in Medicare Part A and B. If you were born in the year 1949, you will be eligible for Medicare in the year 2014 if you qualify (Most folks turning 65 do).Americans born in 1949 who qualified for SSDI or Social Security Disability Insurance and received benefits for 24 months may also qualify for Medicare before the year 2014.You may also collect Medicare for the following qualifying conditions before turning 65: Lou Gehrig's Disease, ERSD, and other qualifying critical conditions.

Get StartedMedicare consists of two parts. Part A (hospital insurance) covers hospital care, limited post-hospital skilled nursing facility care, part-time home health services, and hospice care. If you are 65 years old or over, you can receive Medicare Part A insurance without having to pay a premium if you are currently receiving or eligible to receive but have not yet filed for either Social Security or Railroad Retirement benefits or if you or your spouse had Medicare-covered employment by the government. If you are under 65, you can receive Medicare Part A insurance without having to pay a premium if you have received either Social Security or Railroad Retirement benefits for twenty-four (24) months or if you are a kidney transplant or kidney dialysis patient.Deductibles and coinsurance amounts must be paid by the Medicare beneficiary.Medicare measures the amount of covered hospital care and skilled nursing care in benefit periods. A benefit period begins on the first day you receive care and terminates after you have been out of the hospital or skilled nursing facility and have not received care in any other facility for 60 consecutive days. Medicare does not limit the number of benefit periods any one beneficiary can have. Beneficiaries are entitled to a lifetime reserve of 150 days of in-patient services.Medicare Part A covers 90 days of inpatient hospital care for each benefit period. If you need skilled nursing or rehabilitative services after a hospital stay and meet certain conditions, Medicare Part A helps pay for up to 100 days in a participating skilled nursing facility for each benefit period. For the first 20 days in a participating skilled nursing facility, Medicare pays for all approved charges. You must pay a coinsurance amount for the 21st day through the 100th day.If you qualify, Medicare pays for all approved costs of covered home health care services. You will have to pay a 20% coinsurance charge for certain medical equipment, such as a wheelchair or a walker.The terminally ill Medicare beneficiaries who select the hospice care benefit are not required to pay deductibles but are required to pay a limited amount for certain drugs and inpatient respite care.This document provides a letter to request that Medicare reconsider its decision on a Part A claim. Providers of Part A services submit claims for their services directly to Medicare. The provider will charge you for any part of the Part A deductible that you have not met and any coinsurance payments that you owe.You will receive a determination explaining the decision that Medicare has made on the claim. (If you have received a "Notice of Noncoverage," this is not an official determination. Ask your provider to submit your claim so that you can receive a determination from Medicare explaining the noncoverage of the claim.)If you disagree with a decision on the amount Medicare will pay on a claim or whether services you received are covered by Medicare, you have 60 days after receipt of the initial determination, which is presumed to be five days after the date of the initial determination notice, to request a reconsideration. (There are procedures to establish good cause for filing a late request for reconsideration.) The first step in the appeal process is to ask for a "reconsideration" of the decision. The initial determination contains the address and phone number of the organization to contact about your appeal.You will receive a written response of the reconsideration that explains the reasons for the decision. If you disagree with the reconsideration of the decision, AND if the amount in question is $100 or more, then you have 60 days from the date you receive the reconsideration notice to request a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge.If you are considering such a request, you should contact your local social security office or your personal attorney regarding your appeal as soon as possible. Additional appeals are available and it is important that you carefully observe the time limit for requesting each appeal step.You may also be able to request a reconsideration by telephone. Contact your local social security office for more information.

Continuum Home Health Care has received 5 stars from Medicare and an average user review rating of 5.0 stars. The Continuum Home Health Care has a very good hospital, University Of Virginia Medical Center, located nearby, which scored a 94 out of 100 in its most recent Medicare review.

not if you inform them you can't afford a medicare supplement @ this time. Send 2 registered letter's with a return receipt for proof

If you have not received a ticket, then NO! If you received a ticket they know already. If you are applying for insurance and received a ticket for reckless driving, then the answer is yes!

Pay your bill. You, not the insurance carrier, are responsible for making sure you have active coverage and for all outstanding charges not covered.

You can not get insurance to cover you accept from the day you actually received coverage.

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Apparently so.I recently received a letter informing me that I was being sued for a hospital bill from 2005 that I had never received a bill for.Luckily I was able to set up a payment plan and keep it from going to court and becoming a judgment against me.

No. I assume that you were in a car accident and that you had injuries. I assume that you had medical expenses that were not covered by insurance. I assume that you own a house and there is a lien on that house to pay the cost of the medical care. I assume that the insurance settlement took 2-3 years to settle. I assume that your settlement amount paid by the other driver's insurance policy was less than the cost of your medical care. There is no other "insurance" to rely upon to pay the cost of the medical are that was not covered by your insurance and that was not covered in full by the amount of money you received from the other driver's insurance company.

The self-employed person who received the fee is responsible for their own income taxes.

I just received my hospital was $34,000!!! My insurance paid this, of course, but I found it so outrageous that labor and delivery (normal and uncomplicated) could cost so much!

Medicare is available to US citizens over age 65 who have paid into the system for at least 40 quarters or the equivalent, or have received disability Social Security benefits for 24 months.

this is such an open question it all depends on why you went to the hospital, when you went, how long you stayed, and what treatment you received

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Medicare, Medicaid and private payers are the largest source of revenue for hospitals.

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