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Only if they are hunted. :(

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How are people trying to help and protect tigers?

what are people doing to help protect tigers

How can you help save the tigers from extinction?

You can help save tigers by placing them in a habitat or zoo. The people have experience and knowledge that could help save the tigers.

How can people help snow tigers?

People can capture and breed the tigers and set them off back into the wild.

How do people help tigers?

People can help tigers by ensuring that there is less poaching. Orphaned tigers can be migrated and given proper care until they are old enough to be released into the wild once more.

What can people do to help tigers become not extinct?

People can stop buying products made from tigers and put poachers in jail.

What can people do to help save the tigers?

They can stop killing the tigers and stop making medicines from there body parts:)

What is killing tigers?

People poachers and the lose of habitat. (you can help)

What do people do to help white tigers?

they are helping them by resoring habitates

How can people help protect white tigers?

don't kill them

How can you help the tigers?

you cant help tigers they will bite you

What do people do to help tigers?

People try protecting tigers from harm, to keep them from extinction. Special groups preserve tigers in zoos, so that they can reproduce and have a greater population. Tigers are endangered, and there are already some extinct species.

How do tigers help humans?

Tigers cannot help humans.

How can tigers help people?

they can't really help people BUT tigers are a veary limited animal only less than 10,000 left so I know we don't want the same as the dodo bird here

How can people help white tigers?

White tigers are merely a genetic flaw of the Bengal tiger, not a separate subspecies..All tigers are now fully protected by law.

Do tigers help or harm people?

Tigers can harm people. Tigers will attack people if they are scared of them or want to eat them. Their roars can be defining and their sharp claws are treacherous. If you stay calm and don't bug a tiger, they probably will ignore you jumper and tiger

Do humans help or hurt white tigers?

Well the answers isn't quite clear but i think some people hurt them and some people help them.

Are people helping Bengal Tigers?

Yes they are. they help over 1000 thousand in 2008.

What are people doing to help save the Siberian tigers?

Start programs and ask for donations.

How could you help Siberian tigers from becoming extinct?

By educating people about how great a tiger isBy not buying products made out of tiger partsBy joining a program to stop tigers from becoming extinctBy telling other people to help tiger extinction

What are people doing to save tigers?

I don't know about what people are doing to help save tigers but i do know how to help save tigers. You can stop buying tiger products. Also, you can see that zoos are putting one male and one female tigers in the zoos to repopulate. You should try to stop the ruining of their homes. Leave forests alone and stop wrecking them just to build houses. If you wreck their homes to build houses, they will have no place to go but stay where they are. If you see a tiger wandering in your backyard, you would shoot it. Then the tigers will become extinct. It is illegal to kill tigers. HELP SAVE THE TIGERS!

Who are helping in saving the tigers?

people who help tigers are zoologists or the animal shelter are the 1s that r helping them get a home or taking care of them also training

How do tigers help the earth?

Tigers help the Earth by simply being apart of the food chain. They do play an important roll in the food chain along with the other 3 big cats. Also, tigers may please people with their beauty and/or strength, power and will.

What can tigers do?


How do their stripes help tigers?

Their stripes help with camoflauge in the grass while they're hunting

What are people doing to help save tigers from extinction?

People are mostaly keeping them in the zoos and places were they wont be killed for there skins

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