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Can trees run out of oxygen?

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of course not

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Why should you protect the forest?

Because we need to have oxygen and that comes from trees. So if there are no trees, and someday we will run out, we have no oxygen to breath

Is the world running out of oxygen?

Trees create oxygen and many trees are here and still being plated dont worry about it we will run out of oxygen in aprox. 952,012,015,486,255,225,477,763,254,214 and by that time the world will probably end so we will never run out of oxygen.

How many trees creating oxygen do you need to run a car?


How does the cutting down of trees affect the ecosystem?

The fewer trees we cut down the better our air will be in the long run. Trees convert carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen.

What effect do the confederate victories at bull run and Balls bluff have on the northerners?

THe battle of trees and oxygen>>

Do trees produce oxygen?

Most trees produce oxygen

Why do you have trees?

well the trees have oxygen in them and we need oxygen to breath.

Do trees need other trees for oxygen?

Trees do not consume oxygen. They consume carbon dioxide, and give off oxygen.

Why do trees need oxygen?

Trees do not need oxygen they just provide oxygen. Like we exhale carbon dioxide and inhale oxygen, trees release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide.

How much oxygen can trees hold?

Trees release oxygen, they do not hold it.

How much time would it for earth to run out of oxygen with no plants and trees?

The Earth's oxygen is completely dependent on trees and plants. They produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. This oxygen is very important for life on earth.It will be many millions of years before the earth runs out of oxygen.

Why shouldn't we cut trees?

trees give us oxygen. so if we cut trees, then from where will we get oxygen to breath?

Do trees give oxygen?

no trees do

How are trees a adaptation?

Well, trees produce oxygen and you need oxygen to survive.

Where do you get your oxygen on earth?

we get oxygen from the trees

Why does the air never run out?

Good question. Green plants such as trees and grass release oxygen, which replaces the oxygen that we use up when we breathe or make fires.

What if all th trees were gone?

If all the trees in the world were gone we would slowly run out of Oxygen and die because trees (unlike humans) breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out Oxygen when we breathe in Oxyen and out carbon dioxide. Most animals in the world would become extinct as they eat the leaves on trees.

Do evergreen trees give off oxygen?

Evergreen trees do give off oxygen. They give off less oxygen than deciduous trees do in the summer, but they do release oxygen all year.

What will happen if there is no trees?

EASY....... WE WILL DIE..... If there is no trees then there will be no oxygen and no oxygen means no people..... (EVEN YOU!!)

What is most of the oxygen in earths oxygen produced by?

trees Plants, like trees and flowers.

How does cutting down trees affect the oxygen cycle?

because trees give you oxygen

Do all trees give you oxygen?

Yes it is to be said that all trees give out oxygen.

How do trees?

the trees do photosynthesis and they release oxygen

Do you need trees to breathe? you need the oxygen the trees give off to breath. trees are the main producer for oxygen.

Do old trees or new trees give out more oxygen?

older trees because they have more time to develop the oxygen

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