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As long as the PC's were built within the past few years, then it is possible to use a straight through cable instead of a crossover cable. This is possible due to a feature named Auto-MDIX (Medium Dependant Interface Crossover).

In the past, a crossover cable was required to connect two devices of the same type. e.g. a router to another router or a PC to another PC. A straight through cable was required to connect two devices of different types. e.g. a router to a PC.

Auto-MDIX is a feature on the majority of new network devices. If you plug the wrong cable type into a Auto-MDIX enabled device, the device will reconfigure itself to allow connections to work properly.

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Q: Can two PCs be connected with a straight through cable instead of a crossover cable?
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What cable is used to connect server and router among crossover and straight-through cable?


Which cabling scheme is more common straight through or crossover?

straight throught

What are the classification of networks?

crossover networks and straight through cables.

When looking at a network cable that is not labeled describe how you can tell if the cable is a straight through cable or a crossover cable?

straight through is same pin out both ends. crossover has transmit and receive lines reversed

How can two switches be connected?

Traditionally, two switches can be connected together with a crossover cable. A crossover cable should be used whenever two of the same network devices need to be connected together. e.g. Connecting a router to another router, a switch to another switch or a PC to another PC. Using a crossover cable is not always necessary however. Most new network devices include a feature named Auto-MDIX (Medium Dependant Interface Crossover). Auto-MDIX detects what type of cable is connected and automatically changes its own configuration to enable data transmission to the other device. i.e. It does not matter if you use a straight through cable or crossover cable on Auto-MDIX enabled devices. Both will work.

Why the same devices using cross over cable?

In order for two devices to communicate the transmit signal wire must be connected to the receive wire. A crossover cable accomplishes this. With a straight through cable you would have a transmit signal connected to a transmit signal, which is similar to two people talking at once (and no one listening). In a network scenario a straight through cable would cause constant collisions.

Would you Illustrate of making crossover and straight-through cabling?

There are some great YouTube videos demonstrating the techniques... check them out.

What port on a hub from another hub to you use a straight through cable to connect to?

The "Crossover" port. (or MDI-X)

What is a crossover cable?

It's a type of computer cable where some of the strands inside are "crossed over" compared to a "straight through" cable. You only need a crossover cable if you are connecting a computer directly to another computer. If you are connecting a computer to any other device like a switch, or a router, then you use a straight through cable, which are easier to find and cheaper. You can google for a crossover cable and it will show you a picture of which pins are crossed over.

Why should you use straight cable when connecting two different devices?

Same device----> crossover cable Different device->Straight through cable

What are some general rules to help you determine which type of Ethernet cable (straight-through or crossover) to use to connect different types of network hosts and devices?

When connecting two computers, use cross-over. Cross-over is required to connect the transmit and receive terminals of the two endpoints. When connecting through a router, switch or hub, use straight-through. The router, switch or hub provides the crossover.

What Cable is used to Connect a broadband router to a PC's Network interface card?

Some are a straight through network cable, some are crossover.

Can you get cat 6 crossover cables?

Yes you can get a crossover cable for any of the Ethernet cable series on one end of the cable two of the smaller cables inside are crossed over so they are not straight through cables

Which cable does a switch use to Connect to a switch?

To connect like-to-like devices you always use a crossover cable. Otherwise you will use a straight through cable.

Can you connect two computers by using straight cable?

If the Network Cards(NIC) has a feature called Auto-MDIX which is a computer networking technology that automatically detects the required cable connection type (straight-through or crossover) and configures the connection appropriately, thereby removing the need for crossover cables to interconnect switches or connecting PCs peer-to-peer.

How can you connect two hubs with a straight through cable?

Only if a hub has auto sensing ports. With auto sensing it will detect the upload cable and will make a crossover internally.

Utp straight color coding in switch to switch?

Switch to Switch with UTP requires a crossover cable. Straight-through cables generally will not work unless one of the switch ports is specifically designed to operate in DTE mode.

How did the Christchurch Earthquake start?

there was an unknown fault connected to the already discovered fault that goes straight through Christchurch.

Difference between Straight cable and Cross Cable?

what is different between cross cabling and straight cabling ANSWER: a crossover cable is used to connect like devices, like a router to a router, but a straight through cable is used to connect dissimilar devices, like a router to a computer.

What kind of cable do you need to bring your computer to different places cable to plug in and show pictures?

we are for using similar devices crossover cable and dismilar devices for straight through cable

What port on the hub would you use if was using a straight-through cable to connect another hub to the network?

The "uplink" port. If it doesn't have one, you will have to use a crossover cable.

Cable type diff between crossover cable and straight cable?

A crossover cable is used when connecting 2 computers together and a straight cable is used to connect a computer to a networking device like a network switch or router. This has to do with the send/receive pins of the cords, obviously when you need to connect 2 computers together you dont want them to be both sending through the same pin, so they are swapped so that what one computer sends comes through the receive port of the other computer. Networking devices dont need this as they are designed to work with straight cables.

When to use crossover and straight through?

when you are connecting same devices like computer to computer or switch to switch or router to router to use cross over cable. when you are connecting different devices like computer to switch or computer to router to use straight cable.

When would you use a crosslink cable?

You would use a straight through cable for most applications, for instance at a work area and to connect components to switches. Crossover cables are typically used to connect uplink ports

What are some features of Bluetooth keyboards?

Bluetooth keyboards remove the need for the device to be physically connected to the computer unit through a lead, and instead connect through a wireless connection.