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Can two people Love each other if they dont have anything in common?

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I don't think two people who have nothing in common will ever fall in love in the first place. what attracts one to the other is always when you see something in that person which appeals you and makes you feel like getting closer to him/her. Loving someone without having anything in common would be more like a fling or flirtation but never a life long commitment.

2007-08-13 07:52:20
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What are the chances of two people who have fallen out of love to fall in love with each other in the future?

Anything is possible.

What does a couple really mean?

A couple are two people who are deeply in love with each other, they can tell each other how they feel , and can do anything for the other person.

Is hate stronger than love?

Some say yes, because with love people come together and can do almost anything. while others say no because with hate, people can still come together with common hatred and destroy almost anything. It depends on how you view it.

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Is true love is when you love someone very much?

its basicly real love when two people care about each other but and want to live with each other and don't want anything getting in the way of that its basicly the strongest love ever

Can people who suffer from prosopagnosa fall in love with other people?

Yes! Love is a beautiful thing that can happen to anyone! Do not let anything hold you back...GO FOR IT AND REACH FOR THE STARS! ♥

Would people actually do anything for love?

They have.

Can fat people find love?

Yes, weight has nothing to do with their personalities, sole, ability to love, social skills, or anything other than physical appearance.

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People say that LOVE is blind then how LOVE at first sight is possible?

Love is blind means that people who are in lvoe do not see the faults and failings in their beloved that other people see.Love at first sight is actually quite similar in meaning, because to fall in love with someone before you know anything about them means that there will be faults and failings of which you will not be aware.

How do you know if you love each other?

You will know that you love someone when you know you are willing to do anything for that person. Real love is uncondictional love.

Love other people selflessly?

This site is for asking questions. "Love other people selflessly" is a statement, not a question.

Why is Daniel Hale Williams inspiring?

Daniel Hale Williams is inspiring because he thought other people that anything is possible is you believe in love.

Is it ok to love your best friend?

Yes it is okay, it is common for people to fall in love with people who they are most close with.

Do you love ourselfs or the person you ae in love with more?

People should love themselves first before they are able to love any other person. Most people today do love and put other people before themselves.

What is the symbol in the highwayman poem?

it is thatt you will do anything for people u truly love "it is thatt you will do anything for people u truly love" YOUR STUPID THAT IS NOT IT, THAT IS MORE LIKE A THEME AND YOU CAN'T EVEN SPELL

What is the word for people who love people?

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What does relationship mean?

When people love each other and love each other back.

Why do people love one another?

People love each other for various reasons.

What did Beyonce do for people?

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Why do celeberties think they can do anything?

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