Can urbz have babies?

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Q: Can urbz have babies?
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Can you have babies on sims urbz for gamecbe?

No, ....No matter what game system for Urbz You cannot have a baby

Can you get married and have babies in the urbz sims in the city for the ds?


How do you make babies on the sims urbz on ds?

Okay hi, I Dont think you can have babies on Urbz especially On DS because DS games are for kids. So since their made for kids, they don't want to promote the image that kids should have kids.

How do you get married and have babies in the game the urbz sims in the city for the ds?

You don't. You can't do this in any of the DS Sims games.

What is Urbz Sims?

Hello guys. Urbz Sims is a game for like ds and stuff.

Can you have a child on the urbz?

Sorry, but you can't have youngsters on the Urbz. I've tried a bunch of times and it has never worked. Abi xxx

Whats the game ID for the sims urbz ds?

The Game ID for The Urbz: Sims in the Cityis 65756483. (I'm 99.999999999999999% sure)| | || | || | |____ |_____ _____\ | | | | /\___________/ | |_____| /____

How do you buy stuff in Urbz Sims?

you don't

How do you get pregnant on sims urbz PS2?

You can't.

Can you go to jail on sims urbz?


Where can you buy The Urbz?

The Urbz is an old version of The Sims and you can't find The Urbz easily because they are replaced with The Sims. The Sims is just as much fun if not, even better. i have The Sims it's great but if your so desperate for that exact game, try finding it on eBay.

In the urbz sims in the city for GameCube can you have a baby?

No you cannot.

How do you get into club xixxle on sims urbz for ds?


Are there Black Eyed Peas songs in the urbz?


Can you have kids in sims the urbz in the city?

no you can't. sorry

How do you train pets on the urbz sims in the city?

you cant

How do you Feed People In The Sims Urbz?

Estate from fridge

Where is the Bulletin Board that you have to follow in The urbz Sims In The city?

In the university.

Can you get pregnant in the Urbz sims in the city?

No because I tryed it but no luck.

Where is the stage i have to decorate in the urbz on gba?

its in the move theater in glasstown!

In Urbz how many missions do you have to complete to leave Urbania?


How do you unlock the glasstown barrier on urbz?

do the mission for dusty hogg

What is the best sims?

sims2 sims3 sims2castaway simsbustin out and urbz

Can you play the urbz on PS3?

No there is not a PS3 version of the Sims game

Where do you put the time machine at in urbz?

Somewhere called "a place"