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Underwear but not jeans.

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Q: Can vaginal discharge soak through underwear and jeans?
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What are the chances of getting pregnant if you were fooling around in your jeans and also get your normal period on time 5 days later Can sperm pass through one pair of jeans and underwear?

No, you can not get pregnant through your jeans.

Can you wear no underwear with jeans?

yes why not

What is the difference bitween jeans and trouser?

trousers are basically your underwear and jeans are your pants

What type of underwear do you wear with low rise jeans?


What kind of underwear should you wear with Wrangler Jeans?


Is it ok to wear jeans without underwear?

Yes as long as your parts don't suck the in fly's of your jeans

Articles of clothing?

socks underwear shoes t shirts jeans

You had your underwear pants and one hankerchief below it and you ejaculated and your girlfriend also had her jeans and underwear are there any chances of pregnancy your underwear and pants got wet?

No. The sperm needs to be in contact with her vagina, unless she was wearing your underwear she is not pregnant.

What underwear should a teen boy wear with really tight skinny jeans?


Is it healthy for a 15 year old girl to have clear watery discharge The issue is that it is an extensive amount like it went through my jeans a little?

Some discharge is normal, however if it is extensive amount you should consult a doctor.

What type of underwear can a boy wear with skinny jeans?

I would suggest briefs, bikini briefs, jockstrap, thong, or ever maybe

What type of underwear should at 13 year old boy wear with skinny jeans i think a thong what do u think bc all other underwear bunch up?

The type of underwear that a 13-year old boy should wear with skinny jeans is a thong because it won't show up.

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