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Can valet keys start the car?


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"Valet keys" get their name because they are designed to start the car they're made for as well as lock the doors on that car: two things you'd need a valet to do for you.

As an additional safety feature, valet keys cannot open a locked trunk or glove box. The locks on these compartments are designed to only be opened or engaged by the main car key (which is usually a chipped transponder key, smart key, or similar).

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The hotel has a valet parking service.The valet took the super-car for a joyride.Our valet service includes a free car wash.

Valet is the term used for a person providing a car parking service. An example sentence is: She handed her keys to the valet.

The 2000 Saturn LS1 valet key will start the car. It is made to open the driver's side door and start the car.

What year? Most valet keys that I have seen are shorter than the master key and allow you to start the car but not access the trunk or glove box. I would assume that in a modern car there maybe a chip involved in this process as well.

When your car is in valet mode the trunk cannot be opened with the trunk release button. Your car came with 3 keys, two black ones and a green one. The green one will start the car, and unlock the doors, but it won't open the trunk. That way you can put your Rolex and gold bars in the trunk without having to worry about the valet at the restaurant stealing them.

The company Car Valet specializes in car valet services. Car valet is when an employee takes one's car and parks it for him and picks it up for him when he leaves.

It Locks your trunk and gas tank so that when you give a valet the valet key all they can do is open the door and start the car ... that way you can leave things in the trunk and not worry about a valet stealing them the valet key is the one that is grey or round depends on which Honda you have

The Saturn valet key opens the drivers side door. In addition, it will start the car. However, it will not open the glove box or the trunk.

The Saturn valet key will open the drivers door and start the car. It will not open the glove box or the trunk.

Did you lose your car keys or are you looking to hijack a car? ;)

A master key is an original operating key and operates all locks on a vehicle. Sometimes there are two keys, a master and a valet. The valet key is used when you drop off a car for someone else to park. A valet key will not open a trunk or glove box.

you mean valet parking dont they take away your car if you valet parking on the blue??? ^_^

Make sure you are not using the valet key. Amanti's come with a set of keys (2) that can unlock everything, driver's door, glovebox and trunk lid. There is also a third key designated for valet use, allows you to disable trunk release and then lock glove box with master key. This way the valet cannot look throughout the trunk or glove box but he can lock the car and start it.

If you have to ask, then you have no business even attempting to drive a car.

You should be able to Google that under "car-jacking" or "how to steal a car"!

You can put it in valet mode, or find the wiring and remove it.

valet keys do not allow access to glove box and trunk

Your car alarm should have a valet switch,which is named for exactly that situation.

Copied car keys are aren't easy to be copied and you will have a hard time starting a car if you have that copied car key since that key is very thin, it can easily broke and it's bigger than a normal keys at home.

Valet parking is a parking service that offers by a company, restaurant, travelling stations, etc. In this service, instead of parking by yourself, a person from a company called valet parks your car at the reserved place.It's where the cars are parked. The people take your car and bring it to wherever it's parked. Then, when you're done at wherever you are, you return to the place and give them your keys (if they gave them back), and then they bring your car out for you. They usually open the doors, too.

Break the window , start car with the keys and drive to your nearest glass shop .

Well, you have 2 keys. one remote with buttons and one valet key with no buttons and no remote controls. The one with buttons have 2 forms of programming required. First, for the remote function to control the doors and/or windows, the second to start the car itself with the key in the ignition. You can program the remote function yourself with a door procedure, however ,the key itself can only be programmed by the dealer for the car to start. The same programming applies to the valet key.

A valet is a service is service that parks cars for people. An example sentence would be: The valet was very gentle with her car.

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